Advanced PropTech solutions solve the up-to-date needs of the real estate industry. Unique software development projects simplify the processes for real estate companies, agents, brokers, investors, and tenants.

This blog post will share what technological innovations are used in real estate management and what successful PropTech projects Axon has developed.

How is PropTech Driving the Real Estate Industry?

The key benefits of using PropTech technologies over traditional transactions are time and money savings. Today, PropTech startups dominate, helping to improve the quality of services and increase the efficiency of real estate operations or optimizing the “redundancy” in real estate transactions.

The industry-related statistics help to feel the PropTech scale and role:

As we can see from the forecasts, right now is not the limit of PropTech advancement! The future of the real estate software industry is much more prominent.

Let’s look at the latest PropTech solutions developed by Axon.

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Our Recent PropTech Projects

We have chosen the best software products developed by Axon that solve the essential tasks in managing and running a real estate business.

Fazile - property management software

Business challenges

The request was primarily determined by the growing demand for business process optimization in the real estate market. A typical day in the life of a real estate agent is spent filling out, preparing, and filing property documents, coordinating appointments, and property showings, creating budgets for monthly, quarterly and yearly transactions, maintaining and managing client databases, and managing email. Therefore, real estate automation software must eliminate all manual processes and make them digital.

Thus, the future solution should have met the following criteria and be:

  • Automated
  • Flexible
  • Easy-to-use
Fazile Case


The solution developed by Axon automates and simplifies critical business operations for property managers, owners, operators, and tenants. Finance, negotiations between tenants and landlords, and data storage are the main business transactions requiring constant optimization.

Fazile solution serves as a portal for communication, building trust and transparency between all the parties involved.

The developed system includes 3 levels covering different user categories - technical, corporate, and customer.

Axon IT engineers developed various features and provided integration with many external services (such as Xledger, Tripletex, Finn, etc.)

Learn how we have integrated Xledger into the application.

Developed features include:

  • Property Management
  • Contract Management
  • Invoice automation and management
  • Settlement of common costs
  • Handling of turnover rent
  • Dashboard analytics

Learn more details about Fazile case!

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Izy - facility management ecosystem

Business challenges

The company addressed Axon at the edge of rapid growth and with a need for development and higher scalability. The primary request was to provide a scalable software solution based on a solid architectural analysis of the current software system.

The future solution should have included a comprehensive transformation, in particular:

  • Larger functionality
  • New design
  • Integration with other services
Izy Case


Axon provided a full-scale software development solution. Now Izy is a total platform for landlords taking digital care of tenants' daily needs and having an associated mobile application for communication, trade, information, and booking.

Learn how we have integrated Visma Global into the application

Axon software engineers developed the following features:

  • Migration from several mobile applications to one mobile application
  • Development of additional functionality for the CMS
  • Design upgrade
  • Integration of localization services
  • Integration with third-party services

Get inspired by our Izy case!

Hydromesh - energy management software

Business challenges

Hydromesh is a first-of-its-kind smart-grid solution integrating long-term hydrogen energy storage, a CHP system, and advanced AI with machine learning to predict the optimal use of local renewable energy.  

The primary request to Axon was the development of a web solution receiving data from particular devices and demonstrating their indicators on the dashboards.

Hydromesh Case


Axon’s team developed an all-in-one web solution that includes data about electricity consumption, current system usage, and weather forecast.

Solution included the following features:

  • Dashboard
  • “Weather” block
  • “This year you saved” block
  • “Current Usage”
  • “Storage Status”
  • “Energy Mix”
  • “Load Forecast”

Find out the details of Hydromesh case!

Launch Your PropTech Project with Axon

As you can see from the cases, PropTech software is the best way to simplify the processes in your business, whether you are a real estate agent, company manager, or you are the owner of a real estate service company or property.

In the latest proptech projects at Axon, the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria has become increasingly paramount, driving the company to integrate sustainable practices, prioritize social responsibility, and maintain high governance standards to meet evolving investor and stakeholder expectations.

We in Axon provide companies with senior tech talent and software development expertise to build world-class software corresponding to the latest real estate technology trends. So let's talk about how we can help you! Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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