Web solution for an energy company

About the client

Hydromesh is a smart-grid solution that integrates a long-term storage of energy in the form of hydrogen, a CHP system and advanced AI with machine learning to predict the optimal use of locally generated energy from renewables to allow the users to become in best case scenario energy prosumers.

Business challenges

The client enlisted us to develop a web solution that will receive information from specific devices and highlight their indicators on the dashboards.


Axon’s team developed an all-in-one web solution that includes data about electricity consumption, current system usage, and the weather forecast. Solution has the following functionalities and features:

Dashboard includes the weather forecast, general information and electricity consumption history and forecast.

“Weather” block shows current date, time and user’s location. Information for today includes current temperature, min and max temperature, cloudiness, humidity and wind.
Information for the next 6 days includes day of the week, date, min and max temperature, cloudiness.

“This year you saved” block shows costs and CO2 equivalent in numbers the user has saved during the year.

Current Usage” block shows the last update on kW is currently being consumed from grid, fuel cell, battery and solar systems. It is updated every 14 sec, other information every hour.

Storage Status” block shows the last update on % and kWh equivalent for battery and fuel cell.

“Energy Mix” chart is a combo chart that includes a stacked area chart for grid, fuel cell, battery and solar systems electricity consumption, and line chart for total load. This chart gives data for the last 8 days including current day.

“Load Forecast” chart is a line chart for total load. This chart gives data for the next 8 days.

Technology stack

Front-end: TypeScript, React, Jest, React Testing Library

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