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Real Estate Software Development

There is no time to hesitate when it comes to real estate software solutions that make life easier for agents, brokerages, landlords and tenants.

Axon is a real estate software development company specializing in software development services for public and private organizations as a full-cycle SoftDev company.

Our real estate software development services are focused on PropTech and ConTech solutions, real estate technology tools, and commercial estate software.

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Real Estate Software DevelopmentSolutions We Build

Property Management Software (PMS)

Real estate software solutions that support business centers, hotels, resorts, and similar properties in their day-to-day operations.

Contracts Management

Rental Payment Automation

Analytics & Custom Reports

Tax Management

API integration with third-party service

Billing & Invoicing

Brokerage Management System

Custom real estate software development that automates and fulfills routine activity of real estate specialists in one place.

Commission Management

Contact Administration

Document Management

Lead Management

Listing Control

Property Management

Building Energy Management System (BEMS)

Software solutions by our real estate software developers that provide maximum energy efficiency while reducing building operating costs.

Weather Control

Meter Tracking

Analytics & Custom Reports

Emissions Monitoring

Energy Price Analysis

Load Management

Contract/License Management

ConTech solutions

Custom real estate software development covering all the digitally connected processes within the construction sector.

Budget and Expense Management

File Management

Resource Management

Task Administration

Change Request and Case Management

Timesheet Control

Tenant Engagement applications

Software development services for real estate that ensure effective coworking environment between companies and tenants.

Facility Services Management

Parking Spot Booking

Digital Key Cards

Local Services

Food Ordering

Space Management & Reservation

Lease Management Software

Advanced solutions that eliminate difficulties when handling your real estate leases.

Bills & Invoice Management


Document Management

Property Management

Contracts Management

Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)

Real estate software solutions optimizing company management through workplace resources usage.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Smart Locks


Space Management & Reservation

Floor Plans & Maps

Occupancy Administration

For years in the real estate industry, we have become convinced that new-gen innovations are a real game-changer for our clients. At Axon, software development for real estate covers IoT, big data and location-based technologies, that can bring your company's capabilities to new levels.

Whether you are planning to create BEMS, IWMS, ConTech, or other PropTech solutions, we will gladly assist you in touching the technological possibilities at our real estate software development company.

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Our Case Studies

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Technologies We Use For PropTech Software

Big Data

Transforming big data into valuable and business-tailored models. 

Cloud Services

Optimizing software infrastructure in high-performing cloud environments.

Geolocation services

Providing advanced geographic and spatial data management.

Internet of Things

Embedding IoT devices of any complexity into your software.

Third-party Integrations

Extending capabilities of your product by external software solutions.

— advantages

Benefits of Real Estate Software Development


Optimized daily administrative operations

Well-managed relationships between stakeholders

Valuable analytical data

Clear and simple accounting process

Integration with your current ecosystem


Modern technology stack

Scalable software architecture

Best user experience

Data storage in the cloud

Device-independent access

— how we work

Custom Real Estate Software Development

Whether you are planning to create BEMS, IWMS, ConTech, or other PropTech solutions, we will gladly assist you in touching the technological possibilities in real estate.


Project discovery phase

Delivering a clear vision of the real estate software with detailed project scope and validated features.


Software architecture

Building the architecture for your solution for ease of implementation, interoperability with your existing applications, and providing a framework for future growth.


UX/UI Design

Delivering turnkey UI/UX design solutions to make your product interface easy-to-use and intuitively understood by customers.

Front-end development


Providing interfaces with the implementation of visual and interactive elements that will engage and satisfy your customers.

Mobile development

Delivering iOS, Android, and Flutter mobile applications that meet the needs of your customers.


Back-end development


Developing server side for your solution to ensure the performance of high-level functionality. 

Third-party integration


Enhancing your solution with additional services through the integration of external platforms with a third-party API.

Quality Assurance 

Applying manual and automated testing methods to guarantee you the ROI-efficient solution.


— why us?

Why Choose Us For Software Development for Real Estate


Your devoted engineering team

We enhance your business results with PropTech software developed by a professional team. Software engineers at Axon are focused on achieving your business goals to create a fully-fledged favorable product based on the newest technologies.

We enhance your business results with PropTech software developed by a professional team.


Transparent partnership

We provide custom real estate software development services with full transparency and complete oversight during the entire process. By working with us, you are always connected with an engineering team through Confluence, Jira, Slack, and other communication channels and can always control work progress.

We provide real estate software development services with full transparency and complete oversight during the entire process.


High-quality PropTech software

Quality is our top priority when developing real estate software. We ensure accuracy in every code line produced by our software engineers and ensure that your project runs with precise and predictable costs and time frames.

Quality is our top priority when developing real estate software. 


Business-oriented approach

Code isn’t the only thing we give you, you receive a fully functional product ready to solve the problem of your target audience. Our business analysis team will assist you by getting the perfect-match solution during the custom real estate software development. You can be certain that your future product will benefit as much as it could 100%.

You can be certain that your future product will benefit as much as it could 100%.

— Trusted by clients

Our clients recommend us

4.8 / 5.0

Based on 36 clients reviews

Through their partnership with Axon, the client has met all business objectives. The client describes the team as responsible and reliable despite them working remotely. Moreover, the client has been satisfied with their high-quality product, resulting from the vendor's all-out assistance.

Co-Founder & CTO, Ladingo


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03 / 05

The Tier 2 support Axon provided to the client was very good. They also showcased a comfortable project management style, though the client would appreciate it if they improved the monitoring of the employees.

Team Leader, Learning Platform


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02 / 05

Axon has delivered high-quality software that surpassed the client's expectations. They have completed the project in a relatively short timeframe, and the client has been satisfied with their quality of work. Other clients can expect a team that can get the job done.

VP R&D, Guidde Knowledge LTD


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01 / 05

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Questions & Answers

How to estimate the time needed to develop real estate software?

The project duration for real estate software development depends mainly on the list of factors. Software development for real estate from scratch might take 1 year or more since it includes market research, business analysis, product requirements collection, the building of software architecture, and a full-cycle development process. If you want to modernize the actual software, the approximate time is 6-12 months. 

What are the costs of developing real estate software?

When it comes to software development for real estate, hiring a real estate software development company is a cost-saving option. IT vendors usually provide full-cycle real estate software development services on an hourly-rate basis which is transparent and allows you to control the project’s expenses. They typically involve expenses on business analysis, software architecture, front-end and back-end development, QA, and mobile app development if necessary. 

What information should I have before starting to create real estate software?

We strongly recommend you focus on your customers’ needs and pain points. Try to understand how the planned real estate software will meet the needs of end-users, how it can enhance their customer experience, and what competitive advantages it provides. This information will be enough to start the cooperation with a real estate software development company. 

Can you created a customized real estate software to meet our specific business requirements?

Yes. We specialize in developing real estate software solutions tailored to the unique business needs of our clients. See our recent custom software development projects in the portfolio.

Can you assist in migrating existing real estate systems or data to the new software?

Yes. Our engineers provide migration of legacy real estate software solutions to modern platforms by enhancing them with updated infrastructure, functionalities, and UX/UI part.

How do you ensure user-friendly interfaces and intuitive user experience for the real estate software solutions?

Our real estate software development company produces software solutions with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive UX by adhering to such key deliverables as responsiveness, iconography, accessibility, style guides, and micro-interactions. Learn more about our UX/UI design services.

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