Define your ideas in technical terms so that developers can create the product you expect.
Business analysis services provided by our professionals will assist you in finding business solutions that are able to fully encompass the needs of your end-users by identifying the software requirements for your products.

The goal of our team in developing any product is in its intrinsic value to users and profitability to clients. It’s extremely important to involve an Agile Business Analyst in the solution development process in order to achieve your business goals. Their primary task is to conduct a thorough competent business analysis of the intended product. This is accomplished through a Project Discovery Phase.

What is the Project Discovery Phase?

A project discovery phase is a step-by-step process that helps companies to transform their ideas into ready-to-use software requirements. An IT Business Analyst serves as a conduit between the client and the development team that allows realizing every aspect of the project as close to the envisioned product as possible. Our business analysis services will help you to:
  • Determine the project’s business objectives and desired outcomes, conduct interviews
  • Analyze needs and other solutions on the market
  • Visualize clients ideas (e.g. wireframes, UML diagrams, etc.)
  • Document requirements that are known as Software Requirements Specification (SRS) or functional specification document
  • Management of requirements for the product
  • Translate every discovered requirement into technical ones and deliver them to the software development team

Why use the Project Discovery Phase?

As a general rule, new clients come to Axon with a business idea and enlists us to implement it into a quality custom software product to achieve their business goals. Clients usually don’t have any specific technical requirements - they present the gist of their idea in business terms and describe it in their own way. This can lead to misunderstandings and increase the costs of development.

Business analysis services assist you by delivering consistent, predictable project results that help you to fulfill the requirements accurately the first time – and boost productivity with a larger knowledge of the domain. Key benefits are:
  • Project delivery costs lowered by as much as 50%
  • Better quality due to decreasing out-of-cycle rework
  • Slashing the time-to-market by as much as 20%
  • Shortened product funding approval time
  • Fewer defects due to business improvements

What are the Exact Outcomes?

The exact outcome of every Business Analysis Discovery Phase are:
  • Wireframes for your solution
  • Software Requirements Specification (SRS)
  • A clear vision of the project
  • A detailed scope of the project
  • Validated features

What Happens Next?

Once you have a tangible representation of your product in hand and product insights to guide your next steps, making decisions becomes a lot easier. A second phase of the Business Analysis Discovery Phase could be used to polish the idea, bringing it close to production-ready, or you could use its outcomes to sell the idea further and develop the concept.

If you have ideas, we have solutions.

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