Providing Android and iOS development services, from design to delivery.

Why is Mobile App Development important?

Mobile Application Development is the driving force behind almost every area of technology innovation today. Mobile solutions are much more than simply providing your products and services on a mobile device.

This encompasses:

  • Taking advantage of every aspect of a device’s capabilities
  • Deciding between native development or cross-platform interoperability
  • Considering ease of use
  • Growth through user experience and process

Mobile development is a motivational factor behind your success and profit. Let Axon develop your business solutions and show you how mobile development can be your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

What we offer:

Full-stack mobile development services

Axon proposes an extensive range of mobile development services for our clients. We specialize both in native and cross-platform app development. Our years of experience have allowed us to build a strong team able to accept the most non-trivial challenges.

High-quality mobile applications

Quality is our primary goal in mobile app development. At Axon we have an experienced team of Quality Assurance engineers applying manual and automated testing techniques at the very early stages of app development. This has allowed us to reduce costs on the debugging or even prevent faults from appearing.

Business-driven solutions

It’s not enough to create a mobile app that works. The overall goal is to satisfy the real needs of real people. Mobile apps developed by Axon have done exactly this. We provide a host of Business Analysis services by engaging professional business analysts in the development of applications. This will help you to find a business solution capable of problem solving that end-users face by creating the software requirements for your app.

Axon - mobile app development company

If you are looking for a mobile development company in Ukraine, Axon will be a perfect fit for your business. We offer flexible models of partnership - whether you need a mobile developer to strengthen your own team or build a complete tech team on our side, we are more than ready to make this happen.

We have built a strong mobile development team that has been working at Axon for a long time. Our portfolio speaks for itself, we have applications for businesses from the different fields - from social networks, banking applications to automotive solutions. We make no distinctions between startups or larger companies wishing to develop a good mobile app and treat are clients accordingly.

Hire iOS developers

Our iOS app development stack:

Swift, RxSwift, ARKit, MapKit, Google Maps, MapBox, Unit testing, CoreData, CoreMotion, QuartzCore, CoreLocation, CoreGraphics, GrandCentralDispatch, REST

Hire Android developers

Our Android app development stack:

Kotlin, Android SDK, Clean Architecture, MVVM, Retrofit2, Okhttp3, Kotlin Coroutines, Kotlin Flow, RxJava, Android Jetpack, Hilt, Dagger2, Room, Realm, Unit Testing, Google Play Services, Firebase, CameraX, Android NDK, Java

Hire Flutter developers

Looking for a way of fast and cost-effective app development? Or wanna try to develop an MVP of your business idea? Then cross-platform technology suits you the most. By choosing Flutter technology, you get the following benefits:

  • Low-cost app development
  • Quick development process
  • Code reusability for native apps

If you have ideas, we have solutions.

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