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Agriculture Software Company

Axon is an agriculture software company providing intelligent software solutions for agribusinesses around the globe. With our agriculture software development services, you can streamline your operations and increase productivity. 

Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of your project and satisfy your end-users. Axon software engineers work with the latest technologies and methodologies to deliver reliable, scalable, and secure software solutions.

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Agriculture Software Solutions We Provide

Agriculture simulation platforms

Developing advanced software simulation platforms that enable farmers to test various farming techniques, explore new crops, and optimize their harvests.

Data collection and analysis

Scenario modeling

Crop and livestock management

Supply chain management

Risk management

Collaboration and sharing

Analytical agricultural systems

Developing intelligent software analytical systems that enable farmers to gather and analyze data from all aspects of their operations, and make informed decisions.

Data collection and analysis

Mapping and geolocation

Variable rate technology

Supply chain management

Risk management

Collaboration and sharing

Crop and livestock management

Farm management systems

Developing custom farm management systems that enable farmers to track and manage all aspects of their operations, from crop planning and planting to harvest and sales.

Crop and livestock management

Inventory management

Financial management

Labor management

Equipment management

Reporting and analytics

We believe that innovations run the world. We offer you our solid experience in agriculture software development.

Let's make changes together!

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Our Case Studies

Softseaweed Case Illustration
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mobile application

A clickable prototype for a seaweed farm management app

We produced this prototype as a part of our product discovery workshop.

Learn more about Axactly

Farmforesight | Software Simulation Platform by Axon
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Web application

Software simulation platform for agriculture companies

Agristatis Case Illustration
Ukraine flag



Web application

A platform for agriculture marketing research campaigns

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Technologies We Use For Agriculture Software Solutions

Big Data

Transforming big data into valuable and business-tailored models.

Cloud Services

Optimizing software infrastructure in high-performing cloud environments.

Geolocation services

Providing advanced geographic and spatial data management.

Third-party integrations

Extending capabilities of your product by external software solutions.

internet of Things

Embedding IoT devices of any complexity into your software.

— how we work

Our Agriculture Software Development Process

Whether you need to develop a simulation platform, a farm management system or an analytical solution, our software engineering team is here for creating a great marketable software for your company.


Product Analysis

We start your project with a product analysis stage where our technical specialists will determine the main business objective of your solution and “translate” all of your business requirements into technical terms for further development. 

Software architecture


The next stage of the agriculture software development process is designing an architecture for your solution. Our major goal here is to provide an architecture that will be able to grow depending on your business requirements.

UX/UI Design

Our expertise in software development for agriculture companies has proved that every custom software should be clear and easy. At this stage, our UX/UI specialists apply modern design practices to achieve this goal. 


Front-end development


At this stage, our agriculture software developers produce interfaces for your software. It is essential to create interfaces with elements that will bring the maximum value for end-users while interacting with your software. 

Mobile development

Want to provide your customers with the highest usability and make your software product always at hand? Our mobile engineers will develop a mobile app for your project by applying both native and cross-platform approaches. 


Back-end development


Axon back-end engineers apply our best development practices to provide excellent performance of your product’s functionality on the server side. 

API & Third-party Integrations


We always strive to make the agriculture custom software development process optimized for you. We can enhance your product with third-party services instead of developing some functionality from scratch. 

Quality Assurance 


The quality of your software is the highest priority for Axon. Our QA Engineers apply manual and automated testing techniques at the earliest development stages to predict the appearance of inconsistencies and mistakes. 

— why us?

Why Choose Us As Agriculture Software Company


Solid expertise

We guarantee the timely delivery of your software due to our solid proficiency in software engineering and efficient project management. 


Full transparency

By partnering with Axon, you always know what to expect from our team at every development stage. 


Highest quality

Our major goal in your project is to deliver software of exceptional quality that will operate without mistakes. 


Software that works for you

At Axon, you get a great marketable software solution able to compete with similar products on the market.

— Trusted by clients

Our clients recommend us

4.8 / 5.0

Based on 36 clients reviews

I was satisfied with the level of engagement in the project by every team member.

Owner, FarmForesight


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03 / 05

We were impressed with their team cohesion and professional approach in the development of our solution.

CTO & Co-Founder, Renewables & Environment Company


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02 / 05

Their professionalism, dedication, and flexibility in working with us are impressive.

Chief Madgicxian,


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01 / 05

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Questions & Answers

What kind of technologies are utilized in agriculture software solutions?

At Axon, we work with a wide range of technologies to develop advanced agriculture software solutions. Our software engineers apply possibilities of big data technologies, cloud architecture, geolocation services, integration with third-party services, and Internet of Things technologies to bring the maximum value of our agriculture software development services.

What is the cost of building an agriculture software solution?

A budget for building an agriculture software solution depends on the scope of the functionality that you are planning to include in the product. Whether it will be an MVP or a complex software solution, will it be a web, mobile application, or both types - these and other factors could affect the final cost of the agriculture custom software development. To find out the price of agriculture software development services, please contact Axon Team.

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