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What is a Dedicated Team Model? 

A Dedicated Team is a cooperative model shared between a client and provider of software development services according to which the latter creates the team of dedicated engineers that will work exclusively with a client’s project on a long-term basis.

The primary points of the Dedicated Team Model:

  • Dedicated Team is suited to big-scale and long-term projects;
  • Dedicated Team is involved in the development of your solution exclusively;
  • Dedicated Team is overseen by the services provider.
A major advantage of utilizing the Dedicated Team Model is the comprehensive investment of software engineers in the development process of your product. Every team member is focused on achieving your business goals in order to create a fully-fledged competitive product based on the latest in information technology.

What can your business gain from hiring a Dedicated Team?

  • Lower price
  • Tight-knit cooperation
  • Management of team’s work

Lower price 

Pay less, get more. Aside from incomparable differences between the cost of dedicated teams and in-house developers, it is also more profitable than project-based models of cooperation. This depends largely on the specification of the project and the size of the dedicated team, which makes the cost of this model lower by 10-20%.

Tight-knit cooperation  

Collaboration with Dedicated Teams creates an atmosphere of team building where every member is led to achieving common goals. This allows for long-term work planning more accurately and project investment by contributing more effort. The close-knit collaboration between the client and a Dedicated Team can bear incredibly tangible results.

Management of team’s work  

Another advantage of a Dedicated Team model is the possibility for clients to select, and manage every working process of a dedicated team. Among them are software engineers, quality assurance specialists, UI/UX designers and a project manager at the client’s disposal. The team can be reconfigured at any stage of the working process as it necessitates.

Hire Dedicated Team in Axon 

We build Dedicated Team special for you 

The primary task in building a Dedicated Team consists of a search for candidates. At this stage, clients may decide on the formal criteria for each specialist. We then submit these formal criteria to our recruitment team, which hires the most qualified candidates for each team position.

We help you to manage your Dedicated Team 

The clients are engaged in the organization of the work of a Dedicated Team on an executive level. They own the project roadmap and carry out full synchronization of every team members’ work. The organizational challenges encountered are usually delegated to the project manager. He distributes tasks as specified between team members, holds stand-ups, and ensures that the delivery of all project tasks are timely.

We support each member of your Dedicated Team

Aside from the organizational maintenance of dedicated teams’ daily activity, Axon takes care of the professional growth of every team member. To all of our employees, we offer free external and internal professional training courses, certifications, and organize monthly meetups. We strive to build teams that meet every expectation and that will be productive the entire time we work cooperatively. If you're looking for a development team to create or improve your solution we would be glad to assist you in achieving your goals.

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