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Meest is the international group of companies providing postal and logistics services since 1989 by operating in 40 countries including Ukraine, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, China, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Israel.

The main activities of the company are international postal and logistics and financial services for companies and individuals.

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Meest | Web Solution for Post-Mini-Offices by AxonMeest | Web Solution for Post-Mini-Offices by Axon


The major goal of the project was to create a software solution for a business model innovated by the Meest team. It outlines the creation of post-mini-offices in sales points in collaboration with retail chains.

The future software will serve the operational activities of post offices and provide its smooth and convenient usage by end-users.


By taking in mind that the target audience of the solution is simultaneously operators and retail workers, Axon’s team has achieved the following challenges:

  • The adaptive solution to any version of the browser and mobile OS, as end-users can use both personal or work devices.
  • The scalable solution allows the implementation of additional functionality needlessly to change the software architecture.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface for users without a high professional and technical background.

Solution Overview

On behalf of the client, Axon’s team has developed a web solution “Point24” empowered with a list of functionalities. The final solution includes:


Admin portal

Admins are provided with the following functionalities:

  • Create edit and deactivate users in the system.
  • Switch between post offices.
  • Track the activity of user and post offices.
  • Providing support in case of unexpected situations.
Meest | Web Solution for Post-Mini-Offices by AxonMeest | Web Solution for Post-Mini-Offices by Axon


System for operators

We have provided operators with an intuitively understood interface that allows easily performing the following operations:

  • Accept, deliver and return parcels.
  • Create parcels in the system.
  • Identify the client by using QR-code, barcode, SMS-code, as well as identity documents.
  • Search information in the system by using search criteria and filters.
  • Manage documents.
  • Perform payments by card or cash.
  • Perform inventory management.
Meest | Web Solution for Post-Mini-Offices by AxonMeest | Web Solution for Post-Mini-Offices by Axon

Technology stack


Java Stack:

Java 11


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Spring Framework Icon





Core libs:





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TypeScript 4.5

UI Tools:

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Material UI

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