We can augment your existing team with our professional software engineers.

What is the Extended Team Model?

The Extended Team Model (ETM) is a model of cooperation with clients in which the core development team is supplemented by software engineers located in our offices. The ETM fits the best if your team is working on a pick of productivity and you’re looking for more capacity to meet your deadlines.

The primary points of the Extended Team Model:

  • Extended Team suited most to short-term development commitments;
  • Extended Team augments the core part of the in-house development team;
  • The Extended Team’s activities can be controlled by the client’s side.

What can your business gain from hiring an Extended Team?

Meet the deadlines of your project

An extended Team of software developers will boost the development processes of your project and help to meet your business goals in-time.

Enhance capacities of your team

Hiring Extended Team allows you to fill some gaps in the skills of the core team and empower your existing potential. It also makes it easier to identify team members with specializations in other programming languages and technologies. The company that provides an Extended Team for you assumes all responsibilities of finding candidates.

Expand R&D capabilities of your business

It’s never been so simple to think out of the box than by engaging new participants into the development process. Extended Teams provided by Axon have striven to find the most cost effective solution for your future product.

Hire Software Developers in Axon

Recruitment of candidates special for your project’s needs

At Axon, we have a team of skilled recruiters that are able to find the proper candidates for an Extended Team as quickly as possible. The client merely controls the requirement process by making a decision regarding each candidate which has passed the previous stages of selection from our side.

You manage the work of your Extended Team, we support it

As we augment your existing core team, you can manage the whole working process of both internal and external software developers. If required, we can engage a Project Manager from our side that will manage the workload of the Extended Team and synchronize the performance tasks of the in-house team. 
Besides the organizational maintenance of your Extended Team, Axon pays particular attention and care to the professional growth of every team member. We also offer free external and internal professional training courses, certifications, and organize monthly meetups to all of our employees. We are convinced that great ideas are born in an environment where everyone can express their vision of solutions development and allows like-minded people to connect.

If you have ideas, we have solutions.

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