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Cryptocurrency Software Solutions

Cryptocurrency has changed the way people view digital assets once and for all. While the whole world is watching as Bitcoin price jumps - cryptocurrency and blockchain companies around the globe are becoming serious players on the market. Axon is glad to be of assistance in this new financial arena.

By partnering with Axon businesses can receive high-level support in the development of cryptocurrency software solutions. Collaboration with Axon could be beneficial by enriching your team with our long-standing experience in program engineering, as well as having a solid understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain development specifics provided by well-managed software development teams.

Our clients include

Businesses that provide financial services
Exchange platform
Payment providers
Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) providers

Сryptocurrency development services:

Cryptocurrency Tax Calculator

People found the cryptocurrency industry as a great chance to earn fast money and there are a lot of exchange platforms that give easy access to this area.

It doesn't matter if you earn or lose money, each resident should submit an annual tax report and pay corresponding taxes.Tax calculator helps people in a few clicks to prepare Tax reports in the corresponding forms according to their legislation.

The primary principle of operation behind the Crypto Tax Calculator is to match the sales of crypto to their respective cost basis, which is the price originally paid for specific coins, then calculate the gain or loss based on this sale. The cost basis parameters could be defined based on accounting methods, such as FIFO, LIFO, Minimization.

The core functionality of the Crypto Tax Calculator we offer:

  • Import cryptocurrency transactions from your exchange by utilizing CSV export files or a direct API connection
  • Automated calculations of an end user’s capital gains and losses
  • Income tax form generation (e.g. Form 8949)
The above-mentioned functionalities are most essential for an MVP. Your own Crypto Tax Calculator could be empowered with a wide range of features that should increase the customer experience of your crypto solution.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

We produced multi-cryptocurrency wallets that allow end-users to process crypto transactions and store private keys in a secured and completely protected environment. 

By contrast the traditional digital wallets, crypto wallets are technically unable to store cryptocurrency as it’s only on the blockchain, private, or public. It can only be accessed by utilizing a private key. Wallets store private keys in an app by protecting them with 2-factor authentication. This provides security and ease of use and access in comparison to hardware wallets that risk being lost or destroyed.

The core functionality of the Crypto Tax Calculator we offer:

  • Cryptocurrency assets management in one place
  • Private keys control
  • Cryptocurrency transactions
  • Deposit and Withdraw fiat
  • DApps (decentralized finance apps) browsing
  • Payment in offline stores that accept cryptocurrency
Online Cryptocurrency Wallet solutions could be represented in the form of:
  • A mobile application (native iOS and Android platforms or cross-platform)
  • A web application

Exchange Platforms

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms - are marketplaces that allow end-users to buy, sell and transfer cryptocurrencies. We provide development services for the following types of crypto exchange platforms: centralized, decentralized, peer-to-peer, instant.

For exchange platforms, we also offer:
  • Integration with Stripe and other 3rd party payment providers
  • Integration with locals tax authorities for all EU countries, United States, United Kingdom, and Australia
  • Mobile cryptocurrency wallet development

The core functionality of the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform we offer:

  • Market monitoring
  • Creating and canceling orders
  • Transferring funds between wallets
  • Withdrawing fiat

DeFi Platforms

We offer Decentralized Finance solutions development. DeFi platforms perform financial operations on the blockchain ledger based on smart contract technology.

Unlike traditional FinTech platforms where operations are overseen by financial entities, DeFi works independently by providing direct interactions between counterparties that are controlled only by rules of smart contracts.

The core functionality of DeFi Platform we offer:

  • Lend or borrow funds
  • Go long or short on a range of assets
  • Trade crypto coins
  • Earn interest in a savings-like account
Besides basic functionality, DeFi platforms could be far more complex by utilizing the enormous potential of smart contracts in different fields such as:

DeFi Insurance System

DeFi Yield Farming Platform

DeFi Staking Platform

DeFi Landing Platform

DeFi Real Estate Platform

DeFi Exchange Platform

ICO Platforms

Axon develops ICO platforms that provide a secure and reliable way to create and launch ICO tokens for raising source capital. ICO tokens are a form of digital currency, shares, or tokenized physical assets that are often regulated by various compliance entities and other security regulations.

Initial Coin Offering Platforms help to avoid intermediaries involved in payment transactions such as banks, payment gateways, and so on

The core functionality of DeFi Platform we offer:

  • Admin dashboard
  • Regulatory compliances support (e.g. SEC, FCA)
  • KYC verification
  • Milestone contracts signing
  • ERC20 Token creating

Analytics and reporting dashboards

We develop dashboards that provide end-users with an overview of their crypto assets and related financial plans. The creation of this type of solution is based primarily on deep UX research to make the data visualization on the dashboard as convenient as possible. 

Typical cryptocurrency dashboards include the following components:



Currency exchange offer

Verification block

Exchange rates


Integration with payment providers

Whether you are planning to develop a crypto wallet, exchange, or trading platform, our specialists can integrate your solution with payment providers.

Payment providers allow merchants to accept transactions in the form of cryptocurrencies by automating these payments and providing a list of other tools and reports to help make the whole process fast and convenient.

By choosing Axon you can be sure in:

Your dedicated engineering team
We have enhanced our client’s businesses with experienced teams of software developers.  Every team member is focused on achieving your business goals to create a fully-fledged competitive product based on the latest in information technology. 
Transparent partnership
Our primary value in collaboration with clients is full transparency and complete oversight during the development process.  By working with us, you are always connected with an engineering team through Jira, Confluence, Slack, and other communication channels and can always track work progress.

High-quality software solution
Quality is of paramount importance that we strive to attain in every project, no matter if it’s a sophisticated mobile, web application, or highly loaded software system.  We guarantee clarity in every line of code produced by our software engineers and ensure that your project runs with precise and predictable costs and time frames.
Business-oriented approach
Code isn’t the only thing we give you, you receive a fully functional product ready to solve the problem of your target audience.  The team of Business Analysts at Axon will assist every client by finding suitable business solutions during the project discovery phase. You can rest assured that your future product will benefit as much as it could 100%.

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