Education is now limitless, the world is your classroom.

Cutting-edge EdTech solutions

Today’s classroom is digital and global. If you are an individual, business or government, your access to educational expertise is only limited by the technology you use. At Axon we have developed digital educational platforms to suit every need and use no matter what the scale is.

Our clients include

Distance Learning & Digital Telecommunications
Educational Software & Training Materials
Testing & Assessment Software
eLearing Portals & Platforms
Corporate & Professional Development for HRs
Educational Compliance & Standardised Testing

We have developed digital educational and training solutions such as:

  • Software Platforms for distance learning
  • Educational Software
  • Simulator Software
  • Testing and Assessment Software
  • Complete security through facial recognition
  • Corporate Training and Professional Development Software
In the eLearning industry educational software has allowed much more people to become educated regardless of their status or economic factors. At Axon our software engineers can design an eLearning platform suited to your educational and training goals no matter the size. We believe we can help you mold the future, today.


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