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Elearning software development company

The educational market meets new trends every day. Mobile educational apps, video streaming platforms, e-learning software, online education, and corporate training software improve the learning process and make it easier. 

At Axon, elearning app development company, we develop digital educational platforms to suit every need regardless of scale. Our engineers work on various projects to minimize your effort, save your time and money, and protect you from wrong investments.

Planning to start your EdTech project? As elearning software development company, Axon will be your reliable technology partner.

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Elearning Software Development
Solutions We Build

Learning Management System

EdTech software development solutions that make online education more accessible by obtaining a data-driven tool to create your own well-organized and effective courses.

Attendance Tracking

Automatic Grading


Built-in Course Authoring

Certification & Licensing

Content Library

Course Management

Mobile Learning

Reporting & Analytics

Violation Tracking

eLearning Simulator Software

Advanced solutions by our e-learning software developers that allow the user to see the process execution through simulation without really performing it.

Design Analysis

Direct Manipulation

Graphical Data Presentation

Presentation Tools

Dynamic Modeling

Stochastic Modeling

Motion Modeling

Reporting & Analytics

Virtual Reality (VR)

Corporate Training & Professional Development Software

Educational technology software development providing employees with high-quality training customized to your company’s specifics and adjusting to the remote work reality.

Attendance Tracking

Built-in Course Authoring

Certification & Licensing

LMS Integration

Content Library

Course Management


Mobile Learning


Test/Quiz Creation

Violation Tracking

Testing & Assessment Software

Education software solutions development ensuring higher flexibility and convenience testing students’ knowledge and skills.

Individualized Assessments

Mobile Access

Question Library


Skill Testing

Feedback Management

Test/Quiz Creation

User Management

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Our Case Studies

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Technologies We Use For Education Software Development

Big Data

Transforming big data into valuable and business-tailored models.

Cloud Services

Optimizing software infrastructure in high-performing cloud environments.

Internet of Things

Embedding IoT devices of any complexity into your software.

Video Streaming

Implementing video streaming technologies to make your product engaging.

Third-party integrations

Extending capabilities of your product by external software solutions.

— advantages

Benefits of Education Software Development


Lower costs on onboarding

Intelligent student scoring system

Wide selection of analytics options


Highly organized network infrastructure

Rich user experience

Video streaming features

— how we work

Our Elearning Software Development Process

Whether you are planning to create learning management system, e-learning platform or corporate learning solution, we will gladly assist you in touching the technological possibilities with our education software development services.


Business analysis

Defining the major business objectives of your project, analyzing your end-users needs and similar solutions on the market. Transforming business requirements into technical ones.

Software architecture


Creating efficient software architecture of your solution that is able to ensure the possibility for future growth and functionality extension.

UX/UI Design


Making your product convenient and user-friendly through the intelligent  UX/UI solution.

Front-end development


Delivering interfaces with the implementation of visual and interactive elements that will engage and satisfy your customers.

Mobile development

Delivering iOS, Android, and Flutter mobile applications that solve the real needs of your customers.


Back-end development

Developing server side for your solution to ensure the performance of high-level functionality. 


Third-party integration

Enhancing your solution with additional services through the integration of external platforms with a third-party API. 


Quality Assurance 

Applying manual and automated testing techniques to deliver ROI-effective solutions to the customer.


— why us?

Why Choose Us For Education Software Development



We provide elearning software development services based on solid expertise in the education industry. Our experience of working with different technologies and well-organized processes ensures on-time software delivery of superior quality.

We provide EdTech software development services based on solid expertise in the education industry.



As a client of Axon, an elearning app development company, you are always aware of your project’s progress at every stage of our collaboration. Moreover, you will know what to expect from our elearning software development services because of 24/7 access to Jira, Gantt chart, Plan fact document, and test environment.

As a client of Axon company, you are always aware of your project’s progress at every stage of our collaboration.



Our major goal in elearning app development services is to deliver high-quality software able to operate without bugs and ensure a satisfactory end-user experience. Our Quality Assurance specialists apply the latest testing methodologies to prevent problems in your software during the production stage. 

Our major goal in education software solutions development is to deliver high-quality software able to operate without bugs and ensure a satisfactory end-user experience.



The main thing you should know about Axon is that we develop business-oriented education software solutions. You get the ready-to-use custom elearning software that is excellent both from technical and business perspectives, able to compete with similar products on the market.

You get the ready-to-use software product that is excellent both from technical and business perspectives, able to compete with similar products on the market. 

— Trusted by clients

Our clients recommend us

4.8 / 5.0

Based on 36 clients reviews

Their flexibility in working hours and good quality deliveries are outstanding. Axon is able to upgrade the client's licensing system ahead of time. They continue to provide support and their flexibility impresses the client.

CTO, EdTech Company


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03 / 05

Thanks to the efforts of the Axon team, the company now has a market-ready app with features that suits their needs. The team's project management is what allowed the company to simplify the process and make everything more efficient.

Delivery Manager, Education Platform


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02 / 05

Axon has delivered high-quality software that surpassed the client's expectations. They have completed the project in a relatively short timeframe, and the client has been satisfied with their quality of work. Other clients can expect a team that can get the job done.

VP R&D, Guidde Knowledge LTD


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01 / 05

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Questions & Answers

What type of software is educational software?

There is a wide variety of software that relate to elearning app development services. Here are the most basic of them: Learning Management Systems, Learning Content Management Systems, as well as Massive Online Open Courses. You can build your custom solution by hiring elearning app development firm.

What effect on cost of education software development?

The final cost of custom elearning software development depends on such basic factors as the type of platforms where the future app will be developed - web, mobile, or desktop; functionality scope; technology stack, and much more. To find out the price of the future solution you can contact Axon, an e-learning application development company.

Do you offer customization options to align the e-learning software with our specific branding and requirements?

Yes. Our educational software development company produces e-learning software products that are fully customizable and tailored specifically to your business needs.

What features and functionalities can be included in the e-learning software?

The list of features that can be included in the e-learning software depends on its type. Whether it’s a learning management system, corporate training & professional development software, eLearning simulator software, or testing & assessment software, our educational software development company implements a unique list of functionalities to meet needs of your business and your customers.

Do you provide ongoing support and maintenance for the e-learning software?

Yes. Our educational software development services cover the ongoing support and maintenance of your e-learning software solution if needed.

How do you handle multilingual and internationalization requirements in the e-learning software?

We provide localization for e-learning software solutions that allow your business to go global faster and speak the same language as your customers. Learn more about Libraria, our localization tool that optimizes the internationalization process on projects.

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