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Xtra Point Group is an organizational development company devoted to enhancing the effectiveness and success rate of people within an organization. Specializing in the Staffing and Sports Industry, Xtra Point focuses on talent, retention, performance, and culture strategies.

Xtra Point also offers workforce development services for athletes to translate the unique skills and qualities of the athlete into advantages within the workplace.

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Target audience: pain points

Collegiate student-athletes participate in an organized competitive sport sponsored by the educational institution in which they are enrolled. Student-athletes are full-time students and athletes, training for many hours per week in addition to their studies.

The vast majority of collegiate student-athletes do not become professional athletes after graduation. Because they have dedicated so much time and energy to their sport, many of them struggle to launch into meaningful careers after their sports career comes to an end.


Problem resolution: PodiumX

Xtra Point Group came to us with the idea for career preparation and hiring platform – Podium X. With Podium X student-athletes can easily create stand-out CVs and find fitting jobs.

The major idea of the platform that differentiates it from other solutions is that vacancies match with users’ profiles on a comparison of their skills with job descriptions. Due to this matching mechanism, simply put, the job searches for candidates, not vice versa.

Solution Overview

Axon's development team has developed and launched a web application PodiumX. The system includes four roles and functionality scope for them:

  • Super Admin
  • User
  • Company Admin
  • Organization Admin


Super Admin

Super Admin is provided with the following functionalities:

  • Create companies profiles and company admins.
  • Create organization and organization admins.
  • Send notifications to users, companies, organizations.
  • Has access to the dashboard that represents a list of all users on the platform, list of registered users, list of users that haven’t created CVs.
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We have provided users with the ability to:

  • Create personal profile.
  • Identify skills throughout the skills assessment process.
  • Activate or deactivate personal profile to make it visible for companies and match with the job post.
  • Apply for internal and external vacancies.
  • Create CV quickly and conveniently.
  • Edit CVs in a real-time mode before applying for a vacancy.
PodiumX Project Illustration 5


Company Admin

Company Admin is provided with the following functionalities:

  • Fill out the company profile.
  • Add admins to the company.
  • Create job posts.
  • Have access to the list of students that have applied for company vacancies.
  • Have access to profiles and CVs of students that have applied for company vacancies.
PodiumX Project Illustration 6PodiumX Project Illustration 7


Organization Admin

We have created the following functionalities for the Organization Admin role:

  • Create admins of Organization profile.
  • Create users.
  • Create job posts.
  • Import students’ list from external resources into the PodiumX.
  • Have access to the list of students.
  • Invite students to join PodiumX.
  • Activate/deactivate students’ profiles.
  • Have access dashboards that represent students’ lists, active students accounts, and much more.
  • Receive notifications from Super Admin.
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Features overview


Skills Assessment

This feature enables students to validate their skills quickly in an interactive format. By starting Skills Assessment users are presented with a series of questions by answering which they can identify their strengths.

PodiumX Project Illustration 11PodiumX Project Illustration 12PodiumX Project Illustration 13


CV Constructor

CV Constructor is a solution that automatically generates a CV based on the information presented on the users’ profiles. Users can create up to 10 CVs by choosing the type of proposed templates. This significantly saves the users’ time to create a resume.

PodiumX Project Illustration 14


Matching mechanism

The matching mechanism is based on the analysis of the user’s skills. The system matches the personal profile of students with vacancies by 5 criteria identified in the Skills Assessment. If the system detects matches by 4 criteria, the student will be notified about the matching with a job post.


External application

To avoid losing users PodiumX has an external application that opens as a pop-up form when students apply for the vacancies on other websites. With this form, students can send messages and CVs directly from PodiumX.

PodiumX Project Illustration 15PodiumX Project Illustration 16PodiumX Project Illustration 8

Design for PodiumX

Our UX/UI design team provided the client with a complete design solution which includes:


Navigation map

It provides the client with a general view of the project. It encompasses all the functionality of the application and helps to control every inch of work. The navigation map had been changed through the project as we added new features or replaced existing ones with more relevant solutions. This tool helped us to keep the client up to date with all the changes and occurrences.



Design system and General stylistic

It is a system of reusable components used in the whole project. It simplifies, facilitates, and shortens the editing process. General stylistic of the project consists of colors and fonts to be used throughout the whole project.



Design for 4 roles

User, Super Admin, Company Admin, Organization Admin. We used different design approaches to prioritize and systemize data properly. We implemented design for charts, tables, forms, notification systems. For the User part, we created both desktop and mobile versions.


Design for the general website

It represents PodiumX to potential customers and allows them to get familiar with PodiumX and explore its advantages.

Technology stack




TypeScript 4.5

Core libs:

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TypeScript 4.5

UI Tools:

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MUI [Material UI]


Core libs:




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Functional programming:



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