About the client

Adbank is a powerful online ad platform based on Ethereum that removes costly middlemen by dramatically reducing the $50 billion problems associated with ad fraud utilizing advanced AI technology.

Publishers, using the Adbank platform can receive better compensation for their content while charging advertisers significantly less. At the same time they can create a transparent ecosystem that benefits every stakeholder in the Marketing & Advertising industry.

Adbank’s application of blockchain technology, the patent-pending AI antifraud technology, and the Adbank token create a transparent ecosystem, that allows for payments from advertisers and publishers to be traced.

Business challenges

  • Addressing the 20% - 50% loss of value spent on digital advertising annually
  • Payments tracking solutions
  • A validation system for transparency and advertising viewership


The primary products of Adbank are focused on building a next-generation ad network with an analytics and anti-fraud artificial intelligence engine. By building an advertising protocol, Adbank is in the unique position of being able to build an advertising ecosystem designed to be highly resistant to fraud. The reason for Axon’s involvement on behalf of the client was to develop an ad network beta-platform, an administrative portal, and a token management system, that consists of:

  • a multitude of the products available for advertisers within the campaigns
  • capabilities for publishers in commercializing their website/content
  • analytics functionality for both advertiser & publisher
  • ad serving system/engine

Administrative portal -  Provides insights to the administrative personnel regarding the current state of the system, advertisers & publishers activities both historical and in real time.

Token management system
- Performs integrated tasks within the Ethereum network to leverage the use of ADB tokens, as the only payment tool within the AdBank ecosystem.

Technology stack

Front-end: JavaScript, ReactJS
Back-end: Java 8, Spring (Cloud, Security, Data), Docker
Blockchain: Ethereum, Web3j, Solidity, Smart Contract / ERC20
Applications deployed on: Amazon Web Services, RDS (PostgreSQL), VPC, KMS

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