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Splento is a digital company providing photography and videography production services for the B2B segment. The company has produced a mobile application of the same name.

Splento application enhanced by AI technology assists in creating food photos. The app serves as an on-screen assistant, giving end-users directions for distance, lighting, focus, layout among other features.






Splento | Food Application by Axon



Business Challenges

At the beginning of our cooperation, the client’s team has already launched an iOS app. A major goal for the Axon team for this project was to cover more end-users for the Android devices.

Primary challenges outlined the creation of an app that will allow end-users to create and edit photo content in a simple, convenient, and fast way while maintaining high-quality images as the result.

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Axon has provided the client with the complete ready-to-use Android application. Our working partnership covered two iterations of the application. After the 1st version of Splento FoodApp was successfully launched and has been met publicly with applause, the development of the 2nd version was initiated.

The final functionality scope of Splento includes:

  • Recommended backgrounds for dishes.
  • Deleting and changing backgrounds.
  • Suggesting angles, this feature is realized by the implementation of a gyroscope mechanism.
  • The magic enhancement allows instant smart photo editing.
  • Extended manual editing options: resizing, color correction, brightness, contrast, and much more.
  • Food recognition and personalized guides for 10,000 dishes.
  • Video tutorials and daily inspiration from professional photographers and stylists.
Splento | Food Application by Axon



  • Increased average app session due to the improved functionality
  • Instant photo editing in one app without the engagement of third-party apps


Technology stack

Android SDK



Clean Architecture




Retrofit Icon



Navigation Component

Splento | Food Application by AxonSplento | Food Application by Axon

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