About the client

Two friends who met at university had difficulties with renting a flat, buying and selling goods on campus sought to resolve these issues and make students life easier by building application named Brocolle.

Business challenges

The modern life of students is difficult. In order to rent an apartment, get a job, buy or sell different items or find events a student must utilize different platforms and applications in order to acquire each thing separately. The challenge of the client was to combine needs of students into one easy-to-use iOS application and address a student’s personal security at the same time.


Axon developed an application which is the day-to-day student’s application for the iPhone. The target audience of the app is US students. For the purpose of security and in order to restrict access for non-college users, only owners of emails with university (.edu) domains may sign up. Brocolle uses the location services facility on a user's mobile device to:

  • Suggest the most relevant content restricted to the university setting
  • Helps to protect students from fraud and theft

Students may only see and publish the ads within their campus. Such an approach provides a highly secure social network for students by limiting access to the community utilizing (.edu) domain verification.

Expected results

  • Complete involvement in student’s community life by creating an environment for buying/selling goods, renting, finding events, etc.
  • Ability to rent an apartment based on subleasing and decrease monthly bill
  • Easy finding any events, goods by using geolocation

Technology stack

Front-end:  Nodejs, Backbone, Marionette, SCSS, Grunt
Back-end: Java, Cassandra, Solr, RabbitMQ, Jersey, Guice, Tomcat, Docker
iOS Application: Objective-C, MapKit, CoreLocation, AVFoundation, CoreMedia, CoreMotion
Integrations: Apple Maps, Social networks

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