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Everycards is an ed-tech startup that helps people to memorize information. The Everycards app for iOS/iPadOS is a tool for creating and studying flashcards and quizzes. The primary, secondary, and tertiary target audiences are students, parents of preschoolers, and lifelong learners.

The first MVP-like version of the app appeared on the App Store in 2019. Since then, we’ve been working on a huge update that includes unique advanced features that make learning and memorization easier.
Learn more at https://www.everycards.app/

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Everycards | Educational App by Axon



Business challenges

The client provided strategic planning for the project and creatively led the design process. A constant challenge for the project was to find optimal solutions that meet both flexible design tasks and a fixed budget.

The design challenge was to provide app customers with maximum customization using platform-standard elements.

Everycards | Educational App by Axon



Our development team has developed and implemented a solution to solve typical problems facing customers of competing apps.

  • All data is stored on a device that ensures privacy by default.
  • Easily create sort and share cards using standard system methods.
  • Support of multiple languages — separately for UI, content, and metadata.
  • Visually accessible views that support Dynamic Type and Dark Mode.
  • Native support of the iPhone/iPad camera and Apple Pencil.
  • The built-in sound recorder that is created from the ground.
  • App-wide, resettable onboarding system.


Try everycards

Need to memorize something important? Want to create a fun quiz?
You can download the Everycards application on your iPhone or iPad:


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Everycards | Educational App by Axon

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