About the client

Established in 1919, KYB is currently the world’s largest supplier of shock absorbers and struts for auto manufacturers in the aftermarket. KYB currently owns 15 production plants in Asia, Europe, and the United States as well as authorized service stations that provide automotive services.

Business challenges

The most common way of diagnosing the working capacity of a car’s suspension is to use a specialized test stand. This stand allows a car's suspension to be shaken and diagnosed its functional state. Another way is to use specialized mobile equipment that allows on site testing of the suspension. Both solutions are based on expensive equipment, require experienced technicians that can use, read and interpret the results. There are no current solutions to diagnose a car’s suspension state without visiting a service station.


KYB’s team decided to research the possibilities associated with diagnosing the state of a car’s suspension by utilizing a smartphone with a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer. The idea is to allow the car owner to diagnose the car’s suspension using his own smartphone and to understand whether visiting the service station is needed. To accomplish this Axon had to: 

Axon successfully developed a working prototype of a mobile application for KYB that allows users to diagnose a car’s suspension using a smartphone. The prototype demonstrated the availability and simplicity of such an approach.

Additional functionality

  • Extended product catalog.
  • Driver’s support.
  • History of measurements can be accumulated to monitor regress and to analyze car “health” and driving style.
  • Utilize geolocation, to find recommended spare parts Dealers to buy new shock-absorbers as well as pre-order shock-absorbers.
  • Utilize geolocation, by finding the recommended car service stations to replace absorbers by appointment.

Technology stack

Neural network and algorithm: C++ Swift, CoreMotion, UIKit
iOS application: Swift, CoreMotion, UIKit. The Application is supported by iPhone 6 and above.

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