About the client

The client is a startup that builds service that allows private home owners to share parking spaces like driveways or garages with car owners. The idea is to develop a mobile application which significantly simplifies searching for available parking spaces in a specific area/district of a city and booking it in one click. Beside that, the application should create an optimal route to that place and provide the ability to pay by credit/debit cards.

Business challenges

A huge problem today is finding an available parking in urban areas. In areas with high business activity usually, public parking is occupied from the morning till midnight and car owners should expect to spend at least 10-30 minutes searching for available parking which is often far away. At the same time, these search activities increase, traffic in the are and overloaded streets. Private houses could be a source of parking availability during the day. In this case, we need a system that connects car owners and house owners to rent parking for a specific period of time.


Axon developed a solution that allows users to find available parking anywhere in the city quickly and in real-time. Our solution included a back-end part and a mobile application for iOS and Android. The mobile app has Google Maps built-in which allows you to identify streets with available parking as well as check their availability at a specific time, book it, and pay in one click.

Expected results

  • Clients can find available parking at a destination in a few clicks
  • Significantly decreases the time spent searching for parking
  • Relieves high traffic business districts due to searches for available parking
  • Ability to monetize driveways for homeowners

Technology stack

iOS Application: Swift, MapKit,UIKit,CoreLocation,Foundation, AVFoundation, NSURLSession
Android Application: Google maps API, Retrofit 2,Google Play Service(Play-Services-Location), appcompat-v7
Back-end: is Java 8, Docker, Hibernate, Spring (Cloud,Spring Boot), Elasticsearch, Postgresql
Front-end: React, Webpack, ES6
Integrations: Apple Maps, Google Maps AndroidAPI, Stripe API, Social networks

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