About the client

goMkt has a simple mission: reduce food waste and support small business by bringing people together to share delicious food.The idea was to develop a mobile application that enabled restaurants with unsold food to connect with customers looking for discounts.

Business challenges

The problem that many restaurants, cafes and/or shops that produce fresh food face is trying to sell it during the business day and usually have leftovers. As a result, they wanted to: 


Axon developed and launched an iOS and Android application for Retailers and Consumers. The application allows Retailers to publish and manage their deals. For Customers, the application provides the functionality to find deals on the map around their location, buy food and pick up at the store. The deals are updated daily and customers order always fresh food at a lower cost. The mobile application has built-in Google Maps which make it simpler to create an optimal route to it and pick up the food.

Expected results

  • Reduce environmental pollution
  • Easy-to-find fresh food with discounts
  • Increase of revenues for Retailers
  • Saving money for Consumers

Technology stack

Front-end: React Native
NodeJS Hapi Framework
Associated online services:
Automated calls: Nexmo 
Payments: Stripe
Geo location: Google
Automated DevOps operations: Heroku
Email confirmations on user registration: Sendgrid
Database: mLab 
Events tracking and aggregating on the back-end: Segment on the backend
Images store and transformation tools: Cloudinary


Elements are clear, easy to use, and with intuitive interface - are the key aspects of this project. We have created a design system and responsive interface for our client following the latest trends in design.

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