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The Izy app is an ecosystem that is related to facility services and management for business centers. The solution assists tenant employees of the business centers to order and receive different services offered internally or externally apart from the building. It consists of a web platform, as well as iOS and Android applications. 

Izy | Real Estate Software Solution by Axon



Development team

Project Manager, 2 iOS Developers, 2 Android Developers, 3 QA Engineers, UI/UX Designer, 2 Front-end developers, 3 Back-end developers.

Project duration - 1,2 year.


Business challenges

When the client came to us, the company was on the verge of a rapid growth spurt. It was necessary to provide an architectural analysis of their software system and strengthen it with a scalable solution. 

The primary challenges of the project included: 

  • Migration from several mobile applications to one mobile application.
  • Development of additional functionality for the CMS.
  • Integration of localization services.
  • Integration with third-party services.


Things we have done

✅ Migration from several mobile applications to one mobile application
Previously, the Izy system was represented as a few mobile apps dedicated to serving a  list of different business centers. In context, the future growth of the solution was considered quite complicated, because each app required support from the development team to be updated and redeployed serially. 

A decision was made to combine every app into one. It was accomplished through data migration and replacing legacy apps within the single Izy app for tenants.

Development of additional functionality for the CMS
The administrative functionalities of the Izy system are performed in the Content Management System (CMS). 

Our team developed a list of new roles within the CMS. Additionally, we have created a list of functionalities accessible to select administrative staff. 

We have also produced new functionalities for the following modules in the mobile application and CMS:

Izy | Real Estate Software Solution by Axon
  •  Rent Spaces. The Rent Spaces module provides tenants the possibility of booking conference rooms in business centers. A list of functionalities for admins in CMS made the booking process convenient for both sides. By using the mobile application, tenants will see a list of conference rooms available for booking, as well as edit their bookings right in real-time on the mobile app. The whole booking process has been simplified through a  newly redesigned user flow. 
  • Conference meals. This module allows tenants to order meal delivery services in conference rooms. Users of the mobile app can create and edit orders of meal delivery which became convenient through the redesigned order flow.  On the other hand, the admins have also been provided with other additional functionalities in CMS.
Izy | Real Estate Software Solution by Axon

Design upgrade. The client already had a stylistic solution for the mobile application and the CMS at the beginning of our working partnership. The primary requirement was to systematically organize the workflow design. As a result of our effort, we were able to provide the client with the following solutions:

  • Design system. A set of design solutions and components allows the realization of new functionalities within the selected design standards. The system would enable making changes faster and more conveniently within the project regardless of the entire stylistics or individual components changed.
  • Navigation map. The navigation map allowed for quick tracing of relationships between functionalities to simplify orientation within the project.
  • Data systematization. We also have produced user personas with roles’ descriptions, requirements, as well as pain points to make data on design and real data as synchronized as possible.
  • Version control system. We utilized Abstract as the version control system to deliver various design options to the client. This allowed us to present different versions of the functionality displayed apart from the design that is already in development.

✅ Integration of localization services
We have added a Localization Management System in order to manage the translation process of content in the application more easily. It allows the client to make changes in the text directly by minimizing the participation of software developers.

Izy | Real Estate Software Solution by Axon


Integration with third-party services

  • Payments - Stripe, Vipps.
  • ERP Systems - Tripletex, Visma Global
  • Mapping platform - MapsIndoors
  • Wireless electronic access control - Salto Justin Mobile SDK


Public API

We have created a public API for the Izy mobile application. The third-party systems can now utilize it to include the functionality of order management in their apps.

Izy | Real Estate Software Solution by AxonIzy | Real Estate Software Solution by AxonIzy | Real Estate Software Solution by Axon

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