Fazile is an intelligent and flexible property management software that gives an overview of the company's real estate portfolio.

About the client

The client enlisted Axon to develop cloud-based property management software. The idea behind the product was to streamline and automate the day-to-day responsibilities of property management companies and their members.

Business challenges

People from property management companies are facing tons of daily routine work with recurring tasks and actions. The plain performance of such kind of work requires using of automation tools. The choice of solutions proposed on the market is complicated by their contract-based model and high prices.

Thus, the future solution should meet the following criteria and be:



On behalf of the client, the Axon team has developed a property management software, called Fazile. The solution takes a property management company’s operations to a new level and automates the daily operations of a real estate property leaving incredible amounts of time for strategic planning. It provides a portal of communication between property owners and property managers as well as tenants and property managers, building trust and awareness of all parties involved.

3 Levels

The system includes 3 levels dedicated to different users - technical, company, and customer.

Technical level

The technical level is used by Fazile technical support specialists to attract potential users and facilitate new user onboarding. This level provides users with statistics across the companies.

Company level

The company level includes such default roles as admin, editor, and viewer. This list of roles is not limited to those, as the system provides very flexible access options by which users can create and assign additional roles manually through the interface.

Company level roles

Each company that has been registered in Fazile has 3 standard roles provided with CRUD (create, read, update, delete) access:

  • The administrator has access to everything in the company’s system, they can create and manage the roles of other users in the company’s system
  • The editor has access to more operational level activities in the company’s system and edits information on tenants and landlords, property, and contracts.
  • The viewer has access to the selected type of information without editing rights.

Customer level

On the customer level, tenants and landlords are granted access by company members. They have access to information about properties, can track their own contracts and invoices, and report turnover.

Features overview 

Dashboard analytics 

Suggests informative and easy-to-read charts and statistical values on budgets, property occupation, contract signing, and invoices payments progress.


This feature provides users with the generation of automated extended reports of real estate occupancy.

User management

Users can create and manage roles in the system, as well as grant access to information about property, contracts, and payments.

Property management

With this feature, users can add buildings and related information to the system, as well as information about the property owners. It enables users to set the preliminary budget that can be earned from the rental of the building.

Contract management

With this feature, users can import contracts and associated documentation, and manage the contract life cycle. It is possible also to fill out protocols and submit documents for signature directly in the system. There is also a price regulation feature using which users can set with what frequency and how much the price of renting a property will increase.

Invoice automation and management

This feature provides users with automated invoicing to tenants and automatic updating of payment status. The systems enables also automation of calculations and distribution of utility payments between tenants in business centers.

Database management

This feature allows users to import current databases or create them from scratch. Databases include such information as contact persons, property owners, tenants, contracts, and much more.

Integration with third-party services

  • Xledger - ERP software
  • Tripletex - Accounting software
  • Finn - Advertisement website that will be used for property synchronization
  • Geodata - Navigation tool that will be used for property synchronization
  • Brreg - Pulling information about property owners and tenants organizations
  • Criipto - Integration with this tool enables digital signature

Technology stack



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