About the client

Ooga is an all-in-one application that provides management of many financial things including making payments and collecting money. The client’s idea was to create an online banking system that would manage every financial issue for businesses and individuals.

Business challenges

Frequently we need to have different apps to manage the collection, payments, bookkeeping, digital wallet, tax calculation and more, wasting time switching between them and managing their work processes. Ooga simplifies and solves these issues by decreasing the amount of time needed to manage them.


The process of solution development for Ooga started from the business analysis. At this stage, our Business Analyst studied the client’s requirements, researched the market for analog solutions and explored the needs of potential users. It allowed us to get a complete view of the future product and its functionalities.

The next stage involved the development of the web application by our development team. On behalf of the client we have created a web application “Ooga” which includes the following abilities for businesses and individuals:

  • to create white-label applications
  • to manage the company’s transactions and loyalty programs by using the Admin Panel
  • to use the bonus system
  • to manage recurring payments
  • to split payments between users

The system generates invoices and receipts based on client-to-client and client-to-business payments, users receive them via email.

Expected results

  • Access to the secure banking system where users can make payments, money transfers, and plan their expenses in a few clicks
  • The process of interactions between businesses and their customers is simplified due to the association of all participants of the payment process in one application

Technology stack

For the server-side: JavaScript, Node.JS, and Loopback
React.js and TypeScript
Database: MongoDB and DynamoDB
Applications deployed on AWS (Cognito, DynamoDB, MQTT), Firebase Cloud Messaging, ICount, Twilio

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