Nightbus offers paid transportation services in shuttle buses for students.

About the client

Nightbus is a start-up business that offers paid services by which students will have access to shuttle buses. Buses will run late at night in order to provide a cheaper, safer alternative to the taxi services.

Business challenges

The client enlisted us to realize the business model that offers residents of campuses cheap transportation services by organizing regular routes on buses.

The primary idea of the project is to develop a custom software solution for the automation of tickets’ purchases, as well as management of buses services and bus drivers’ work schedules.


Axon has produced a complex software solution that includes:

Mobile application for passengers

The major use of this app is to give each user a QR-code unique to each student and bus journey that can be scanned by security as they get on the bus.

The app has also an integrated payment system to allow users quickly and easily pay for their subscription and a live schedule for bus departure and arrival times.

Mobile application for bus drivers

With this app, bus drivers receive access to their personal profiles, rides schedule, and status of trips. The app is also provided with the QR-code scanner bringing up a name and photo of the passenger in order to verify that the passenger is a paying subscriber to the app service. Drivers can utilize a feedback form and fill it in case something unexpected happens during the trip.

Admin panel for administrative stuff

With the admin panel, users can create a schedule of regular routes based on which trips are generated by the system. As each route could include several buses, the system keeps track of bus occupancy rate and creates another trip as appropriate. 

If something happens to the bus or causes a trip delay for some reason, the administrator can cancel it and all passengers will be notified that the trip will not take place and they can choose another trip for free.


Technology stack




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