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Mobile application designed to aid balloon pilots in navigating flights.
Dream Balloon specializes in providing commercial hot air balloon flights across Denmark, offering tourists a unique and unforgettable
aerial experience.

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business challenges

The client came to us with the request to optimize the performance
and reduce potential errors in the current application utilized for managing balloon flights.


Changing Maps Layout

The application allows for dynamic adjustments to the map display, catering
to different requirements and scenarios encountered during balloon flights. This flexibility ensures that pilots and operators can easily switch between various map views as needed, enhancing navigational capabilities and situational awareness.

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Displaying Route Deviation

During flight, the application continuously monitors and displays
any deviations from the planned route. This feature is crucial for pilots
to maintain course integrity and promptly address any unexpected changes
in flight path due to weather conditions or other factors.


Custom Layout for Apple Maps

The app includes a tailored interface for Apple Maps, integrating specific functionalities such as real-time speed measurements in knots.
This custom layout enhances the usability of the map feature, providing pilots with accurate and relevant information critical for safe and efficient
flight operations.

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Handling Network Conditions

To ensure reliable data transmission, the application is designed to adapt
to various network conditions encountered during flight. This capability ensures that all critical data, including flight parameters and logs,
are consistently and securely recorded in the remote database,
regardless of network reliability.


Monitoring Flight State

The application provides comprehensive monitoring of the balloon's flight state, including speed, heading, altitude, and position on the map.
It continuously updates and calculates key metrics such as Estimated Time
of Arrival (ETA) and Estimated Time to Target (ETT) based on real-time data, enabling pilots to make informed decisions during the flight.


Managing UI Presentation:

The app's user interface (UI) is designed to enhance situational awareness
and operational efficiency. It includes features like custom annotations, which allow pilots to mark important locations or events on the map, and drawing polylines to visualize the current flight path. Custom region views for special and restricted areas further aid in navigation and compliance
with airspace regulations.


Interactive Map for Pilot

Pilots benefit from an interactive map interface that provides real-time updates and allows for seamless interaction with flight data. This includes zooming in and out, panning across the map, and toggling between different map layers, ensuring pilots have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.


Unidirectional Software Architecture

The application employs a unidirectional software architecture, ensuring a single source of truth for the current flight state within the system.
This architecture enhances data integrity and consistency, facilitating accurate decision-making and coordination between team members throughout the duration of the flight.


Technology stack




Third-party integrations:

Apple maps

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