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Design Bees is an online design services platform for companies and individuals. Here, users can order design work, chat with designers, track the progress of tasks, and send suggestions for improvements.

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business challenges

The project's main aim was to create a seamless and transparent workflow between designers and customers. The client also requested the integration of several standalone products into one smooth platform, including a Wix website, TypeForm, FileStage, Trello, Twilio, Gmail, Google Sheets, and Google Docs.


Job Submission and Tracking

Clients can now submit job forms, track their progress, change task priorities, initiate discussions via chat, and accept or send back job results for reworking.


Automated Trello Integration

The system automatically adds jobs to the designer’s Trello board with client and job details based on the client's TypeForm job request.


Internal and External Job Reviews

Clients and designers can now submit internal and external job reviews via FileStage.


Email Notifications

We have implemented various email notifications to inform clients and designers about job statuses and updates.


Auto Archiving Feature

The system now auto-archives tasks for both Trello and FileStage to maintain an organized workflow.


API Integrations

The client enlisted us to integrate various products into the portal, making these integrations the core of the project:

  • Wix's Velo to enhance the website's functionality and streamline the workflow.
  • Filestage to facilitate seamless internal and external job reviews.
  • Google Sheets to manage and track data efficiently within the workflow.
  • Trello allows organization and management of tasks, automatically adding jobs to the designer’s board based on client requests.
  • Twilio enables communication features, allowing clients and designers to initiate discussions via chat.
  • Typeform allows clients to submit job requests easily, which are processed and added to the workflow.


Technology stack

Third-party integrations:

Wix's Velo

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Google Sheets


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UI tools:


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