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In this blog post, we will talk in detail about Visma Global, the financial system for small and medium-sized companies.

What Is Visma Ecosystem?

Visma is a company producing core business software. With over 1 million customers worldwide, Visma provides software that simplifies and automates processes in a wide range of business areas, including accounting, HRM and payroll, invoicing, and much more.

Visma Benefits

The main benefit of Visma is that it provides businesses with the opportunity to automate the entire workflow related to both incoming and outgoing invoices.

Visma provides the following solutions:

- Accounting;

- HRM and payroll;

- Financial management;

- Invoicing;

- Procurement;

- School administration.

Despite the fact that Visma Global has ready integrations with numerous external systems, a lot of businesses may have to integrate it with their custom software solutions.

Key Functionalities of Visma Integration API

Visma business integration offers a range of functionalities that empower businesses to seamlessly integrate and enhance their operations. Below are key features that highlight the capabilities of the Visma Integration API:

Streamlined Data Exchange:

Efficient data exchange lies at the core of Visma Integration API. It facilitates seamless communication between Visma's suite of products and other applications, enabling businesses to synchronize and update data effortlessly.

Real-time Updates:

With the Visma business integration, businesses can achieve real-time updates across various modules. Whether it's financial data, HR records, or other critical information, the API ensures that changes made in one system are reflected instantly in others, promoting accuracy and timeliness.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Visma API Integration is designed with cross-platform compatibility in mind. It enables integration with a variety of third-party applications, allowing businesses to choose tools that best suit their needs while maintaining a cohesive and interconnected workflow.

Customization Capabilities:

Tailoring integrations to specific business requirements is simplified with the customization capabilities of the Visma Integration API. Businesses can adapt the Visma API to fit their unique workflows, ensuring a personalized and efficient integration process.

Automated Workflows:

The API supports automated workflows, enabling businesses to set up rules and triggers for various processes. Automation reduces manual intervention, minimizing errors, and improving overall efficiency in tasks such as invoicing, reporting, and data validation.

Data Security and Compliance:

Visma prioritizes the security and compliance of data exchanged through its Integration API. Robust security measures are in place to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring that businesses can confidently integrate their systems without compromising on data integrity or regulatory compliance.

Error Handling and Logging:

Effective management of integration processes is facilitated through comprehensive error handling and logging features. Businesses can easily identify and address any issues that may arise during data exchange, maintaining the reliability of their integrated systems.

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Step-By-Step Visma Global Integration

1. Get API contracts

First of all, you should contact Visma Global to get Visma API integration. Depending on your requirements there can be different methods and options. Also important to get a test environment that you can use before adding Visma API integration to your real production.

2. Get credentials

Every request to Visma Global must be authenticated. It means that Visma Global should know who is the author of all actions. So, it is required to get credentials (username and password) which you will use for authentication. These credentials will allow you to get an access token.

It should be sent with other params that allow Visma Global to identify the author of the request.

Do not forget to get test credentials, which are needed for the test environment. These credentials can be stored in the application configuration file or, if they can be added dynamically, in a database.

3. Add an article to all your products

In Visma Global every order line should have an article ID. It needed to match the product in your system with the product in the Visma integration API. So, all of your products should have a responsible param which contains an article. The list of all Visma Global articles can be fetched from Visma Global API. Usually, the article contains an ID and name.

4. Integrate Send Order

In our case, service providers use Visma Global as a finance manager, so the ERP should contain information about all payment transactions which are made in this service provider. It means that we should send all orders to the ERP. So, every time a new order is created we send the request to Visma Global. Also, we should be sure that the order is sent successfully, and in case of failure, we should retry this action.

Use Cases of Visma Integration API

In the context of integration, Visma serves as a versatile tool that facilitates seamless connectivity and collaboration across various business functions. Here are some key use cases of the Visma Integration API in specific domains:

1. Human Resources:

  • Employee Data Sync: Real-time synchronization of employee data.
  • Leave and Attendance Management: Streamlined leave requests and attendance tracking.

2. Finance and Accounting:

  • Automated Invoicing: Accelerated invoicing cycle with reduced errors.
  • Expense Management: Automated tracking and reconciliation of expenses.

3. Payroll:

  • Data Consistency: Ensured consistency between payroll and other systems.
  • Tax Compliance: Enhanced tax compliance through integration with tax management.

4. E-commerce:

  • Order and Inventory Management: Real-time updates on stock levels and accurate order fulfillment.
  • Payment Processing: Simplified payment processing and financial reconciliation.

5. Project Management:

  • Resource Allocation: Optimized resource allocation with real-time visibility.
  • Cost Tracking: Accurate financial reporting and analysis through integration with cost tracking.

6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

  • Sales and Invoicing: Streamlined sales and invoicing processes for improved efficiency.

These use cases demonstrate the diverse applications of Visma Integration API, offering businesses efficient solutions across HR, finance, payroll, e-commerce, project management, and CRM.

Questions about Visma Global you may be interested in

How do I know which Visma Global APIs suit my application?  

Before you start to integrate your product with Visma business API we highly recommend you get all the details about this software. Like we said above, there are numerous options for integration methods proposed by Visma. The best way to get answers to these questions is to connect with the Visma support team and find out everything about Visma integration API. Fortunately, they offer great support services and respond to requests within one working day.

How much time does it take to integrate Visma Global into the application?

All questions related to the performance of any development process are extremely individualized. That’s why we recommend you to get a consultation with our technical specialists.

What development team do I need to integrate Visma Global into my application?

The size of the development team needed for the integration depends on the specificity of your product. To integrate Visma business API into the web solution, you need at least 1 frontend and 1 backend engineer. In case your product has a mobile version, the engagement of Andoird and/or iOS engineers is also required. Contact us to find out precisely about the development team.


In summary, integrating Visma Global into your application presents a powerful solution for optimizing financial management processes. The seamless connectivity offered by the Visma Global API ensures real-time synchronization of crucial financial data, enhancing efficiency in tasks such as invoicing, expense management, and payroll.

The flexibility and scalability of Visma Global's integration capabilities make it adaptable to evolving business needs. Supported by comprehensive documentation and reliable support, the integration process becomes accessible and user-friendly.

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