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EdTech drives the future of the education market! Find out what EdTech is and how to create scalable education technology apps: based on the experience of Axon IT engineers.

Education is one of the largest industries in the world, accounting for over 5% of the global GDP. The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns had a long-term impact on education, with the EdTech market increasing 4 times by 2031 as infrastructure upgrades and new digital business models emerge.

For many years, innovative technologies have tried to break into education, but only the COVID pandemic has given them a big chance. We have entered a new era where the ability to learn will become one of the most critical skills.

Some statistics will prove the EdTech relevance:

  • 90% of corporations now use e-learning regularly. (E-Student)
  • 70% is the increase in Google searches for online courses globally. (E-Student)
  • The EdTech industry is expected to grow from 254.80 (2021) to 605.8 billion U.S. dollars by 2027. (Global Newswire)

At Axon, we felt this boom through the increasing number of requests from our clients to develop an EdTech app. Here we share our experience and practical tips!

How to Make Your EdTech App Live for Years?

Three attributes of an ideal EdTech app


You can achieve this goal by adding to your solution only the functions necessary to satisfy your end-users expectations. Before starting the development phase, we highly recommend paying attention to your business objective and desired outcomes determination, analyzing your potential customers’ needs, and researching similar solutions on the market. If you feel challenges in defining the best-fit features of your EdTech app, find the business analysis team to conduct a product discovery. The product discovery will allow you to define business requirements for the future EdTech app and translate them into technical ones.


The app must quickly adapt to shifting requirements, such as extending functionality. Thus, you should always rely on a technical partner that can guarantee an opportunity for modifications. Also, the app should easily integrate with your existing services infrastructure, e.g., other apps in your ecosystem and third-party services.


Your e-learning solution must have a scalable architecture, i.e., the capacity to handle growth and maintain multimillion access. Every project is evolving, and you should think in advance about how to ensure user growth without affecting the customer experience and usability. 

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Keystones of a Solid EdTech App

EdTech product is a chance to build a specific store of knowledge that can be shared with selected people. To make your EdTech solution long-term, we recommend adding the following elements:

Cloud-based nature

Cloud architecture assists in adjusting the storage, memory, and CPU (central processing unit) based on your workflow and budget. Thanks to this, you can ensure high efficiency despite the large volumes of daily generated data and users. Such a technology guarantees cost optimization of infrastructure utilization. 

We recommend migrating from on-premise providers to cloud-based ones: AWS, GCP, or Azure. This will ensure a highly reliable education system with close to zero downtime. 


Integration with third-party services

Integrating with various tools and systems allows you to extend your e-learning platform’s functionality and improve the user experience for both teachers and students. 

  • Integration with streaming providers: Zoom, Google, Citrix

The main task that video streaming solves is the ability to provide your audience with ownership of what is happening. This unique experience is helpful when giving lectures, hosting webinars, or organizing live concerts. Indeed, on the air, the listener can actively participate - ask questions, comment, etc.

  • Integration with various payment providers: Stripe, Paypal, Amazon Pay

You can integrate a payment gateway into your educational solution to receive payments from users and manage financial operations online. This will simplify the user experience and optimize workflow significantly. 

Axon - EdTech Development Company 

Axon provides full-cycle EdTech development services. Our software engineers transform our clients’ business ideas into great educational products.

We develop end-to-end EdTech applications of different types:

  • Learning Management System 
  • eLearning Simulator Software
  • Testing & Assessment Software
  • Corporate Training & Professional Development Software

Our latest EdTech cases


Educational app for learning languages, flags and paintings.

Podium X

Skill assessment solution for specialized hiring platform focused on student-athletes.


E-learning platform with gamification features.

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