Software companies are in the business of innovation, and ensuring the safety of their clients' intellectual property is a top priority. When developing software solutions in different industries, we realize data securing data is one of our main responsibilities.

To protect intellectual property means to safeguard innovative ideas, brands, and creations of the business. By securing IP rights through NDAs and cooperation with reliable partners, companies can prevent unauthorized use of their valuable assets, maintain competitive advantage, and foster an environment of creativity and innovation. Ultimately, every business should protect intellectual property.  Exploring ways to protect intellectual property is fundamental for any organization looking to preserve its innovative edge and market presence.  

As we explore the world of IP protection and ways to secure intellectual property, we'll demystify the challenges faced by software engineers. We provide actionable tips to help concept and business owners create a robust defense against potential threats to their intellectual property.

Priority of The Client’s Data Security

Data is a foundation of modern tech business, serving as a critical intangible asset, driving companies to the forefront of their industries and enhancing continuous development in their respective fields. As a trusted international software development company, Axon is cooperating with clients who have well-established business names worldwide. Hence, strict compliance with data security standards in the course of operations with any information provided to us is a core element of our internal processes.

We take a thorough approach to both legal formalities and technical peculiarities of safeguarding our clients’ data on an appropriate level.  With this in mind, we invite you to get a short glimpse of how we operate with client’s data.

Best Ways to Protect Clients' Intellectual Property

Learning how to protect intellectual property is a critical step for entrepreneurs and businesses aiming to start software partnerships and secure their ideas, inventions, and creative works from unauthorized use and infringement.


First of all, intellectual property can be protected by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Before entering into any discussion, even about the prospective cooperation, Axon highly encourages signing such an agreement. Our templates are drafted according to the best business practices in the industry. Each NDA is carefully reviewed and individually agreed upon with each client according to his business request and the specifics of the product. Unfortunately, very often, such agreements are considered a mere formality, however, we take a different approach and do not sign standard NDA templates that have a high probability of facing a problem with enforcing it in case of any breach.  

We always put a special focus on the definition and specification of ‘Confidential Information’; the duration of confidentiality obligations depending on the industry specifics; obligations as to the storage of such information, governing law, and relevant court practice as to the enforceability of the agreed provisions.

Once the NDA and services agreements, along with confidentiality obligations, are signed, the client finally has a chance to begin his journey of software development with Axon. Through the process, the technical team ​​implements and maintains information security safeguards against the destruction, loss, theft, unauthorized access, unauthorized use, or alteration of the client’s information. It is our firm view that all data shared with us accounts for particularly valuable intangible assets for our client and should be treated as sensitive data.

Along these lines, there are several measures listed that are being actively implemented in our software development projects.

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We implement different technologies of authorizations on clients’ platforms, including multi-step verification processes, login procedures via email and passwords with an option of reset by receiving a password reset link via authorized and verified email. Passwords are stored as hashes generated with a cryptographic hash function.

Data storage

Also, intellectual property can be protected by reliable data storage platforms. We prioritize deploying solutions on cloud platforms such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, which are renowned for their robust data privacy measures. These platforms offer an extensive range of features for safeguarding data, including encryption both at rest and in transit, comprehensive identity and access management controls, and advanced network security measures. Our commitment to data privacy is at the forefront of selecting these trusted cloud services.

Backups and recovery procedures

Backup processes are set automatically on a regular basis and its frequency depends on the specific project. The default retention period is one week. The data recovery action plan prescribes that the database could be recovered at any point in time during the backup retention period.

Additionally, based on the project's requirements, user-initiated backups (snapshots) can be implemented. This approach offers infrastructure engineers extra flexibility to manage the backup process.

MFA setup for development services

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of security to critical development services like Slack, GitHub, Gmail, Jira, and more. By requiring developers to authenticate their identity through multiple means (such as passwords and verification codes), MFA significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access. This simple yet effective measure helps prevent potential security breaches that could compromise intellectual property and sensitive information.

Developers’ laptop encryption and device loss protection

Given that developers often carry sensitive information on their laptops, encrypting these devices becomes paramount. Full-disk encryption ensures that even if a laptop is lost or stolen, the data remains inaccessible to unauthorized parties. Additionally, implementing device loss protection features, such as remote wipe capabilities, adds an extra layer of security, allowing swift action in the event of a misplaced or compromised device.

Secured access via VPN

Remote development teams and the prevalence of cloud-based services make secure access a priority. Virtual Private Network (VPN) setups create a secure tunnel for data transmission, protecting sensitive information from potential eavesdropping. By enforcing VPN usage for accessing development services and data, organizations can ensure that communications remain confidential and shielded from external threats.

Employee training

Human error is often a significant factor in security vulnerabilities. Regular employee training sessions on cybersecurity best practices, social engineering awareness, and the importance of adhering to security protocols contribute to a culture of vigilance. Well-informed developers are better equipped to recognize and respond to potential threats, ultimately reducing the likelihood of security incidents.

Cooperation with the team

Educating your team about the importance of protecting your intellectual property and implementing stringent security protocols are crucial steps in preventing potential infringements.

On the human resources level, Axon actively implements measures to train employees and contractors on the topic of information security and data protection. Information security and confidentiality obligations remain in force after the termination of the agreements. The same takes place in case of a change of relevant specialist initial role, responsibilities and position within the company. Access to information and the company’s operations is granted strictly on a ‘need-to-know basis’, only to the precise group of people and tasks that they have been specifically authorized to perform. Everyone involved is subject to civil and criminal liability for any breach of obligations undersigned in the employment or services agreements.

Security Checklist

If you are looking for a vendor for  your project and the security of your information is crucial, here is the checklist you should consider before entering into cooperation:

  • Which standards are followed in the course of information security management?
  • Which Information Security Policies for employees and contractors are implemented and delivered to the team?
  • How often security audits and risk assessments are conducted?
  • Which computer security systems are used (e.g. firewalls, antivirus/antispyware/antimalware)?
  • Which types of encryption are used for your data and information?
  • Which identity and access management procedures are used (password management systems)?
  • Are there any backup capabilities in case of security incidents? Is there a security incident response plan?
  • Are any backup files used for data of critical importance?


In conclusion, protecting your intellectual property is an essential practice for maintaining the competitive edge and integrity of your business.

We protect intellectual property of our clients because it’s not just legal compliance; it's about safeguarding the very essence of their innovation, creativity, and competitive edge. As we've seen, a comprehensive approach that blends legal mechanisms with strategic planning and technology is paramount. Axon can ensure our clients' intellectual assets are well-protected, thereby supporting their growth, sustainability, and success in the global marketplace.

Feel free to address any of the above questions to our team and we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the information security measures that will be implemented on your project.

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