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Information is a modern commodity like oil and unique in its application. A primary indicator of this is exemplified by the 5 most successful global companies who can attest to this. All of them are involved in the process of connectivity by the processing, storage and dissemination of information.

Every customer must protect their intellectual property from copyright infringement piracy, but the underlying concept is to preserve information. The end result may determine the success of their projects and the reality of the business goals that depend on them.

What does NDA stand for?

The NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is a general agreement in common use practiced globally. The reasons for an NDA are established and explained as a common industry standard for the protection of everyone. It is used for the non-disclosure  storage, transferral of materials, or confidential information transmitted between  cooperating parties. A typical NDA, is based on the development and jurisdictional issues related to them. This document provides protection to clients’ by protecting them from theft of confidential information, illegal distribution or infringement.

The GDPR an EU law, also provides extra protection and is a turnkey solution in the NDA. It is imperative for us to build mutually beneficial relationships from inception to completion of projects.

In our next blog post, we are going to tell you about GDPR and how it will affect the activities of the IT companies.

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