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“How will our cooperation happen?” - this question remains one of the most asked when  initially working with clients and its regularity is expected. In this blog post, we will highlight the primary collaborative stages that Axon takes as a software development vendor and detail the importance of each step, so let’s go!

The first phase is negotiations, we clearly define the parameters of mutual cooperation. This will eliminate any doubts the clients may have, as it is the foundation of the cooperative process.

The primary stages in the cooperation with the clients are as follows:

1. Signing an NDA:

create secure terms of cooperation for clients indicating legal  parameters of all cooperating parties.

2. Client’s research and development:

find a solution that will accommodate them accordingly based on needs.

3. Preliminary project assessment:

The client can estimate the fiscal expenditure of solution(s) development and length of the development process.

4. Signing the contract:

Each party agrees to specific terms of cooperation, which may depend upon the complexity, duration and model of cooperation for the project.

5. Business Analysis:

A business analyst is engaged that can facilitate the "translation" of specific business requirements into the developers’ language thus creating clear tasks and guidance to them.

6. Solution development:

Despite misconceptions developers don’t just write code - they assist customers by building solutions and seeking the correct measures and direction. Developers explore trends and recommend innovative technologies to create the most efficient product(s).

Learn more about types of our development teams: dedicated team and extended team.

7. Testing:

This stage involves the verification of the product for different loads in order to ensure/ assess its correct function.

8. Solution release:

We ensure that every solution released is successful and unforeseen difficulties are addressed. After all, a satisfied client  and WOM (word of mouth) is our primary source of marketing in the industry.

In our next blog post we are talking about cooperation models with software services provider. Stay tuned!

Axon Development Group
April 1, 2019
Product Development

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