Nothing is better able to describe our work than case studies. They speak for themselves. In this blog post, we are going to share some mobile development projects with you that we have launched recently. We will provide an overview of iOS and Android mobile apps developed by Axon’s engineers on behalf of our clients. Stay tuned!  

Project: TaskUs 

Platform: iOS

Business domain: Internet services application 

TaskUs - a mobile application aimed to assist people in searching tasks’ executors. The client’s primary idea was to create a digital solution where people could solve their daily routine challenges by finding someone to do it for them on a fee basis. 

All that had to be done was to analyse the idea from a business perspective and provide the target audience with a convenient functionality that is able to satisfy their needs.  It was at this point Axon entered the game and mobile app and TaskUs was developed. 

Our mobile engineering team has created an iOS mobile app that allows users to post a job, choose a Tasker from the proposals and make payments for the work done right in the application. 

TaskUs on AppStore 

The solution for TaskUs is represented in both mobile and web versions. Technology stack utilized by our engineers includes:

  • Backend: Java 11, Spring, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, Docker, GCP
  • Front-end: TypeScript, React
  • iOS: Swift, MVVM, RXSwift

Learn more about TaskUs case

Project: Suryoyo Date 

Platform: Android 

Business domain: Dating application  

Suryoyo Date - a mobile dating application an iOS version of which was primarily developed by our client, the digital company Block 21. The client was looking for a mobile development company specializing in Android engineering in order to create an Android version of SuryoyoDate app. 

On behalf of the client the Axon Android team created an app that includes the all the following features and functionalities: registration and authorization via Facebook, ability to edit user’s profile and other settings, as well as implemented messenger. 

SuryoyoDate on GooglePlay 

Our mobile engineers have utilized technologies,such as: Kotlin, Android Jetpack, Dagger2, Retrofit, RxJava, Facebook login, Glide.
Learn more about the SuryoyoDate case.

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Project: FC Shakhtar 

Platform: iOS, Android 

Business domain: Football club application  

The last mobile development project we want to share with you is FC Shakhtar - a digital solution created exclusively for a Ukrainian football club named Shakhtar. 

FC Shakhtar is one of the most decorated football clubs in Ukraine, twelve-time Ukrainian Premier League Title Holders, thirteen-time Ukrainian Cup Winners, eight-time Ukrainian Super Cup Winners, 2009 UEFA Cup Winners and regular participants in the UEFA Champion League.

The client hired Axon to build a mobile app that will unite their fans in a digital environment: staying up to date with the latest news, activities and buying tickets for the matches.When we started our collaboration the client was struggled with UI/UX design improvements, new features development, as well as existing functionality improvements. 

By working closely with the back-end team on a client’s side our mobile engineers have created a set of features that includes new structured timeline, the ability to purchase premium accounts and utilize promo codes. 

FC Shakhtar on AppStore 

Technology stack:

‍iOS Application: Swift, Viper, Alamofire, Firebase push notifications, Foundation, UIKit

Android Application: Kotlin, MVP, RxJava, Retrofit, Dagger, Moxy, Cicerone, Glide, Firebase

Learn more about FC Shakhtar case

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