An insurance self-service portal can automate operations provided by insurance carriers and simplify the way policyholders get insurance services. Previously, we were talking about the advantages of insurance portals. In this blog post, we will go through the most important functionalities for them. 

Billing & Insurance Accounting 

Management of policies and insurance payments is one of the primary sets of functionality the self-service portal should include. A properly implemented billing & insurance accounting system ensures that all payments are received on time and make them transparent for your clients.  

Features for billing & insurance accounting: 

• Integration with payment systems: Stripe, PayPal  

• Integration with digital wallets: Apple Pay, Google Pay 

• Notifications center - automated follow-ups serving as reminders for end-users significantly eliminate payment delays 

• Invoices system - automated sending of invoices saves a huge amount of time and manual work. It can be also more personalized through the implementation of recurring invoices for regular customers

• Expenses reports - another feature that works on your transparency for customers is personalized statistics of the insurance spending, paid and unpaid invoices. 

Claims Management System 

One more crucial functionality set for the insurance self-service portal is a claims management system. It should be well-designed enough to encompass the entire claim lifecycle, from the beginning to the settlement. A digitized claims management system automates the regulation of claims processes, reduces processing time and costs as well as improves fraud detection. 

Features for claims management system:

• Step-by-step claim submission - simple and intuitively-understood claim submission process improves the Customer Experience of the insurance portal and keeps your customers satisfied on each stage. It can be achieved through the detailed business analysis and determination of pain points that customers usually face during the claim submission process. 

• Tracking claim progress - the next crucial feature for the self-service portal that keeps your customers up-to-date during the entire claim process. Graphical visualization of claim approval stages updated in the real-time mode eliminates uncertainty and makes the procedure clear for your customers.

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• Cloud-based document flow - as the claim process involves submission and processing of a huge amount of documents, the organization of the entire document flow in the cloud will be the most convenient option both for insurers and policyholders. Cloud-based document flow enables access to documents from any device signed in to the system, as well as real-time editing.   

• Notification center - similar to the notifications in the billing & insurance accounting, the notification center in the claims management system keeps customers constantly updated regarding claims process flow. Moreover, automated notifications reduce manual work on your side. Take into account localization if your portal is going to be multi-lingual.

Clients Management System

Last but not least is a Clients Management System. Communication plays a major role in Customer Experience, and the well-thought insurance portal must ensure its realization and provide support to the customer on a high level. How it can be achieved? 

Features for client management system: 

• Real-time chats with support managers are the perfect solution for maintaining effective communication with customers. Typically, real-time chats involve such features as delivery status and the possibility to unsend messages. Real-time chats in the insurance self-service portals could be enhanced also by voice and video messaging and files exchange.

• AI chatbots for insurance software simulate human - like conversations based on natural language processing. AI chatbots are becoming increasingly valuable to insurance companies for automating customer service.

If you are planning to create a custom insurance self-service portal, you may be struggling firstly on where to make a first step, decide primary functionality scope and appropriate technology stack. Sometimes it could be a real headache for companies with the absence of experience in software solution development. 

We recommend you find a vendor, a software engineering company specialized in developing solutions for insurance brunch. The business analyst on the vendor’s side will initiate a product discovery and prepare technical requirements for the future insurance self-service portal.

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