The process of finding a dedicated team of software developers may sometimes be a real challenge for any company. Huge number of IT companies and numerous types of services have given birth to oversupply on the market which seriously complicates the question of choice. 

At the same time, the number of businesses that need professional assistance in development also has not slowed much but has steadily increased .

Our recommended approach to this situation from our point of view is that it can be done in a fast and painless way under two conditions - you should know where to look and what to look for. In this post we will provide some insight based on our experience. 

Table of contents:

  • Where to look for dedicated development team 
  • How to lead the hiring process of dedicated development team 
  • Tips for working with IT recruiters

Where to look for dedicated development team 

Most companies can find reliable websites for outsourcing software development companies which are B2B platforms such as the ones listed below:

Convenience along with an intuitively-understood set of functions on websites of this type allow you to identify a list of IT companies that provide dedicated development team services. They are often categorised by industries, type of services, scale of your project and much more. 

You can have confidence in the reliability of company reviews that are published on these sites. For example, companies that are unable to provide feedback on behalf of their clients on Clutch as the system requires authorization from the LinkedIn account in order to leave a review.  

However, if you need to engage a software developer individually in order to perform short-term development tasks, it would be advisable to look for the one on freelance portals like Upwork, YouTeam or Toptal. 

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How to lead the hiring process of dedicated development team 

Suppose that you’ve already chosen an IT company. The next step would be to build your  dedicated team. It is at this stage that the IT recruitment team enters the game, to help you find and hire the very software developers for your project. In order to further clarify, let’s look on how recruitment process performed at Axon:

  • Introduction of recruitment team to the project

At this stage recruiters create a short brief with the basic information about the project in order to properly present its idea to the future candidates. 

  • Negotiation of requirements to each of positions in dedicated team 

Oversight along with the recruitment team allows you to check the brief, define the development skills that any future team members should possess.

  • Planning of the whole hiring process

After the project is introduced and all requirements have been clarified, it’s time to negotiate how much time the hiring of a dedicated team will take, set up the deadlines and time needed for feedback to each candidate.   

  • Preparation of recruitment and marketing materials

At this stage we will create descriptions of vacancies, as well as materials for email campaigns. We will also engage an SMM-Manager who will set up ad campaigns for the promotion of vacancies through social media. 

  • Recruitment 

During this part of the process we maintain constant communication with the client, and inform them regarding any results related to the search on the weekly basis.  

  • Interviewing 

The hiring of the candidate is usually performed using step-by-step interviews with the recruiter, our internal technical specialist and . 

If it’s needed, we prepare a test for candidates or share with you code examples written by them with you.

After holding 2-5 managerial interviews with clients a candidate is selected and hired. 

Steps of the hiring process of dedicated team

Tips for working with IT recruiters

If you are cooperating with an experienced and highly-skilled IT recruitment team, it won’t be a super complicated challenge to hire a dedicated team suited to your development needs. Recruiters usually work in IT outsourcing companies have years of practice in hiring software developers. That’s why we are providing the 3 tips below for you to follow in order to make the hiring process convenient:

  • Give recruiters maximum information about your IT project

Tell them about your vision of the future project with the dedicated team. As well as a clear understanding of how the first stages in the development process will be undertaken. It will have a huge impact on your recruitment team and advance the quality and speed of the hiring process. 

  • Follow the advice of your recruitment team

If you have chosen to hire an offshore dedicated team that will work with you from abroad, trust the advice of recruitment consultants. They know the specifics of the labor market of the country that developers will be hired from. 

  • Give your feedback regarding candidates in time 

Try not to delay feedback on managerial interviews regarding candidates and promptly return reviews to recruiters as quickly as possible. Typically candidates wait for feedback which takes approximately 14 days. 

That's all. We hope that this post will help you to find your dedicated team that will bring your business idea to life.

In our next blog post we are going to tell you about dedicated development team that develop SaaS solutions and its standard structure.

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