In this blog post, we will show you how to use Binance API to build a cryptocurrency dashboard. You will find out how to access data from Binance in order to create basic features for the crypto dashboard.   

Ready? Go! 

Get Binance API 

At first, you need to find the relevant Binance API. We recommend you start by exploring the essential APIs to integrate these features:

Get information about all tokensBinance API URL 

24hr Ticker Price Change StatisticsBinance API URL 

Returned response for ‘24hr Ticker Price Change Statistics’ API

Symbol Price Ticker - Binance API URL

Returned response for ‘Symbol Price Ticker’ API

Kline/Candlestick Data (Klines are identified uniquely by their open time) - Binance API URL 

Returned response for ‘Kline/Candlestick DataAPI

wss:// - Websocket Market Streams 

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Integrate Binance API to the dashboard

We recommend integrating the following API into the crypto dashboard: 

Get info about all coins - Binance API URL (this API is static)

Get all tokens ticker info which helps us to make dynamic data (this API is dynamic and updates every second) - Binance API URL 

Calculate 7 days  price change, % - Binance API URL 

Based on this data you can add such functionality, as search coins, filtration by columns, choose favorite coins, as well as add pagination.

Crypto Dashboard: Spot
Crypto Dashboard: Favorites Page
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Create a detail view page for specific tokens

In order to integrate the detail page into the dashboard, you need to following APIs:

Get Kline information for historical data and generate a chart with information that will update every 30 seconds (refetch) - Binance API URL 

Get Specific token 24h change ticker to show single token information - Binance API URL 

Get order books & recent trades by limit (30):

Binance API URL - order

Binance API URL - recent trades

Calculating more specific information (30d, 60d, 90d, YDT) for detail page - Binance API URL

Crypto Dashboard: Detail view Page

Create Gainers & Losers page

In order to create a page with Gainers & Losers we recommend using this Binance API URL, see format below:

Crypto Dashboard: Gainers & Losers Page

Create Volatility Page

Volatility Page will help you to get the necessary information for different tokens at the same time, get filtered information, and see historical price changes over time - Binance API URL 

Crypto Dashboard: Volatility Page

Great! The basic functionality for the cryptocurrency dashboard is ready.

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