Software engineers must always keep their finger on the pulse to keep up with Front-end web development trends. User experience and customer satisfaction depend on how quickly engineers tailor the product to market novelties.

In this blog post, we have reviewed the latest Front-end technologies and the trends that we will see in Front-end technologies 2024. Dive into and write down insights!

Front-End Development Trends 2024

Let’s unveil the future and venture through all the possibilities exposed to what the future of Front-end development is.

1. Frameworks

React, Vue, and Angular are still dominant in the front-end ecosystem. Next.js and Nuxt.js are still the most popular meta-frameworks for SSR.

Meanwhile, new frameworks arise. Svelte, Solid, Astro, and Qwik are among the top Front-end frameworks 2024. They compete for:

  • Reducing downloadable JavaScript.
  • Increasing execution performance.
  • Adding cleaner APIs for developers.

They're all too young. So in 2024, the community will focus on making them stable and usable for production apps.

2. New architectures

Server-side rendering and generation have become more advanced than ever. The frameworks strive for the best performance and loading speed.

  • Next.js supports Streaming SSR to render parts of the UI incrementally.
  • Astro introduces Component Islands, where JS is only loaded for the individual parts of the page.
  • Qwik promotes Resumable execution over traditional Hydration to eliminate expensive downloading and execution of the code.
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3. Build tools

Webpack still bundles a vast majority of front-end apps but experiences tight pressure from next-generation bundlers like Vite, and Turbopack, build tools like esbuild, and compilers like SWC.

They're all written in Rust and Go, making them much more performant than Webpack and Babel, which are written in JavaScript.

Vue.js and meta-frameworks like SvelteKit and SolidStart already use Vite. In 2024 Front-end trends, we hope to see in Create React App and Next.js.

4. Edge computing

Serverless cloud computing is becoming cheaper. Edge computing technology allows developers to use services like Vercel or Firebase to deploy serverless functions. Combined with modern JS tools, we can now manage the whole web application with one full-stack framework.

More benefits of edge computing platforms:

  • They allow deployments to be instant due to smart cache invalidation.
  • Their servers are worldwide to achieve minimum latency for every user.
  • They run in a dedicated environment (Edge Runtime, Deno, etc.) for a faster startup than Node.js

5. Languages

Nothing beats TypeScript when your app lacks static typing. It's becoming more sound and safe with each release.

TypeScript had four minor updates in 2022 up to version 4.9. During the year, it has improved:

  • Type-checking capabilities.
  • Compilation and analysis performance.
  • Language service for better developer experience.
  • Configuration flexibility.

The 5.0 version will be released in March 2024 with updates to decorators, enums, standard libraries, and more.

What Will Front-End Development Look Like in the Future?

New Front-end technologies arise every day, and the need for consistent tools to support complex web applications is now more essential than ever. In this blog post, we have considered the main shifts in Front-end technologies 2024 that will form the industry. However, many young and ambitious products can once transform the web development world. When developing new products and collaborating with development teams, you should pay attention to their ability to adjust to fast-changing trends.

The Front-end is so full of tools that customers often experience difficulties with understanding where to direct their efforts and focus. At Axon, we do our best to keep up with web development trends and make your product up-to-date. We produce interactive interfaces and provide high-level functionality performance using the best Front-end technologies so that your business wins the market!

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