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How's business process automation in Real Estate?

According to a survey, real estate professionals realize local MLS websites/apps, lockbox/smart key devices, and social media platforms as some of the most valuable tech tools excluding email and cell phones. For approximately 50% of real estate companies, business automation has been identified as one of the biggest challenges they face. 

However, in 2021 many real estate companies haven’t yet elected to go into business process automation. Even so, purchasing an automation tool wouldn’t be enough for a real estate broker or agent with all their specific requirements and operations. In the meantime, customization of such tools could be extremely resource-intensive and time-consuming. So what exactly is the solution? 

Despite the fact that the market already has existing ready-made solutions, many brokers and agents are considering the option of developing custom solutions. Bespoke brokerage software would be a novel approach for real estate professionals seeking a single platform able to automate and fulfill all their daily operations in one place, from transaction management to document scanning and much more. 

In this blog post, we’ll go through some of the primary features that your brokerage management solution should have. 

Custom Brokerage Software: what’s inside?

It's worth mentioning that we’ll be reviewing the most commonly identifiable features. More specific functionalities could be developed depending on your business requirements such as agreement process, permissions, or required documents.

Scalable architecture

First things first, your software solution should be adaptive. The more a business grows, the more data it needs to process. The last is directly related to the platform capacity based on the technology stack. 

Your development team should be mindful that they won't have the power of time travel to go back and change everything if the solution becomes unmanageable after a half year of development. That’s why choosing the right technology stack and architecture is extremely important. 

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Integration with your software ecosystem

Many real estate companies struggle with its integration into the already utilized solutions when choosing the ready-one brokerage software. This function is frequently unsupportable or requires additional time and budget resources. 

Notwithstanding, integration is obligatory unless you have extra time for handling data management in separate programs. It’s completely acceptable if we’re talking about 2 programs but, what if they are 5? Management of one operation could take the entire workday!

The development of a customs brokerage system guarantees seamless integration with every tool your team utilizes by providing an SSO function - a single sign-on from different software platforms.

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Different platforms accessibility

Having access to the documents or eSignature even if you’re out of the office it's one of the most convenient features a custom-made software solution could provide. Your brokerage software isn’t merely limited to only the web platform itself, mobile applications сould be an irreplaceable feature for the daily operations of your real estate specialists. 

Custom reporting

Custom reporting allows you to easily manage huge data sets. This feature provides schedule configuration of customized reports with specific dimensions and metrics for different stakeholders. Set the rule for reports once and they will be automatically prepared for the planned date. 

You no longer need to redo reports from scratch in case stakeholders’ priorities were changed. Adjusting rules takes a few minutes in a program with an intuitively understandable interface exclusively elaborated by UI/UX Designer. 

Automated Paperwork

Automated paperwork has significantly simplified the work with documentation. Integration of features like this is based on cloud services which enable the creation, editing, and signing of documents in a real-time mode with your collaborators in a secure workspace environment.   

The printing tones of the documents will be replaced with simple documents sharing via links that you can access whether you’re utilizing a notebook, tablet, or mobile device. 

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So, how do real estate companies benefit from custom-made software?

  • Automate business processes from low to high level
  • Make daily operations simple and fast 
  • Software gradually scales in step with company growth 
  • Integrate it smoothly with existing technology system in a company 
  • Access software from various platforms at any time

We at Axon believe in developing an all-encompassing software solution to meet all of the above-mentioned benefits in an all-in-one solution. That’s why our dedicated engineering teams approach real estate technology development by paying the greatest attention to your businesses’ specific KPIs and operations from the micro to macro-level.

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