Software development is probably one of the most fast-paced industries in the world. A tool or a language that may be important and integral today might not have the same popularity and impact next year. More so, the demand has significantly increased as businesses and companies continue to focus their efforts on online developments.

As more companies go online, the more problems and challenges they face. We can’t really blame them because, for most people, the idea of migrating ‘online’ is still a foreign thing to do after all. With all these in mind, what are the benefits of choosing software development in the first place?

Software development is a custom development experience that can deliver bespoke services for your company. A huge chunk of businesses utilizes this service to create and develop their own products. The main reason why this is a lucrative choice is that companies can get a high-quality product that is cost-effective.

If you don’t believe it, then our latest partnership with a renewables and environment company may change your mind. We were hired to create a web application that focuses on displaying a number of energy indicators for its users. Our team utilized TypeScript, React.js, Jest, React Testing Library for the project.

Here is the review from our Clutch profile

We are proud of the 5-star ratings across the board! Also, if you are not aware, Clutch is an amazing verified rating and review platform. They help businesses find the best service providers for each industry.

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Furthermore, here is what the company’s CTO and Co-Founder has to say about our service:

“The engagement of Axon’s team in our development process allowed us to implement our business plan on schedule. We are completely satisfied with the project management capability that Axon has provided us.”

Apart from this amazing review, our company is also featured on The Manifest’s website as one of the top software development companies in Toronto. A huge feat for our company and our team is overwhelmed with the amazing support that we continually receive from our clients and previous partners.

The Manifest is a listing website that highlights agencies around the world, but not just any other agencies. They highlight the best-of-the-best and the cream-of-the-crop for a given industry. You can find each company’s description, feedback, awards on their platform. This information will surely help anyone who is looking for the best company to suit their needs.

Our company strives to create turnkey software solutions in the market! If you are a company that is looking for a bespoke software or web application, give us a buzz! Our team is always eager to start new challenges and help companies reach their maximum potential.

In our next blog post we are going to tell you about the technical documentation our custom software development teams create on each project. Stay tuned!

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