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Hi there! This is a poll for estimating the cost of mobile app development. We will ask you to answer 10 questions about your app, and it will help us to provide you with more precise estimates. So, let’s get started!

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Mobile App Development Cost Calculator by Axon

An app cost calculator is a tool that allows you to estimate the cost of developing a mobile application. By inputting key details about your project, the calculator provides a detailed breakdown of the anticipated expenses involved in bringing your app to life.


The app cost calculator takes into account a variety of factors that influence the overall development budget, including:

  • Platform (iOS, Android, or cross-platform)
  • App complexity and the number of features
  • Design
  • Ongoing maintenance and support costs

By analyzing these variables, the calculator generates a comprehensive estimate that helps you plan your budget and make informed decisions about your mobile app development project.


Accurate Budgeting: gain a realistic understanding of the required financial resources and plan your project budget effectively.

Informed Decision-Making: assess the feasibility of your app idea and make more cognizant decisions about its development.

Time-Saving: quickly generate cost estimates without extensive research or negotiations with development agencies.

How mobile app development cost calculator can save your time?

By using an app cost calculator, you can save significant time in the planning and budgeting phase of your mobile app development project. Instead of spending hours researching industry averages, negotiating with multiple vendors, and compiling cost estimates, the calculator provides a comprehensive and accurate projection based on your specific requirements.

This time-saving benefit allows you to focus on other crucial aspects of your project, such as finalizing the app's features, designing the user experience, and coordinating the development process. With a reliable cost estimate in hand, you can streamline your decision-making, allocate resources more effectively, and ensure your project stays on track.


The cost of mobile app development can differ significantly from web development. Mobile apps often require specialized skills, additional platform-specific considerations, and more complex testing and deployment processes.

The app cost calculator takes these factors into account, providing a tailored estimate that accurately reflects the unique challenges and requirements of mobile app development. By understanding the distinction between web and mobile development costs, you can make well-informed decisions and allocate your budget accordingly.


What makes the web and mobile app development process at Axon unique and beneficial?

Axon follows a well-defined methodology, emphasizes client collaboration, leverages the latest technologies, and focuses on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Which technologies do you use to develop a mobile app?

We utilize a range of cutting-edge technologies, including native platforms, cross-platform frameworks, backend technologies, databases, cloud platforms, DevOps tools, and testing frameworks.

Does an app cost calculator report differ from an exact quote?

An app cost calculator report is a general estimate, while an exact quote is a more customized proposal based on the client's specific project scope and requirements.

What are the advantages of using an app cost calculator?

The key advantages include quick estimates, budgeting assistance, transparency, and time-saving.

What are the disadvantages of using an app cost calculator?

Potential disadvantages include generalized estimates, dependence on assumptions, limited scope, and the need for further vetting.

What is the estimated development time for a Mobile App?

The estimated development time can range from 2-4 months for a simple app to 6-12 months or more for a complex app, depending on various factors.

Step 1 Illustration


At what stage is your project now?

This is to understand whether the UX/UI part should be included in the quote.

Step 2 Illustration


What platforms will your app support?

This is to understand how many mobile engineers your project needs.

Step 3 Illustration


What about tablets? Will the app support them?

Do you plan to cover tablet users?

Step 4 Illustration


Let’s suppose the number of screens in your app

You can pick the answer offhand. This is to understand the number of standard UI screens.

Step 5 Illustration


Will the app have user authentication?

Choose “Yes” if you want your users to have accounts and log in to your app.

Step 6 Illustration


What type of authentication would you like to have?

It's a multiple-choice question. Please choose all authentification methods you would like your app to have.

Step 7 Illustration


Will users make payments via your app?

Choose “Yes” if you want your app users to buy subscriptions, goods, or services.

Step 8 Illustration


What kind of payment options will the app perform?

It's a multiple-choice question. Please choose all payment methods you would like your app to have.

Step 9 Illustration


Choose modules that your app needs:

It's a multiple-choice question. Please choose all modules you would like your app to have.

Step 10 Illustration


Choose additional features for your app:

It's a multiple-choice question. Please choose all additional features you would like your app to have.

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