MapsIndoors - great choice for commercial real estate software  

MapsIndoors is the visitor management system widely used in the commercial real estate segment.

The platform simplifies navigation within the buildings, between them, as well as externally apart from the building. It is based on the Google Maps technology which ensures seamless transitions from outdoor to indoor navigation and quick adoption. 

Real estate software solutions can use MapsIndoors as a tool for live data visualization, conference rooms management, delivery services management, and much more. With Mapsindoors businesses can provide their users with smart office possibilities by integrating booking systems, occupancy sensors, parking availability, and more.

MapsIndoors could be easily integrated with web and mobile applications allowing navigation between platforms and ensuring that your maps can be accessed at any time. There is also a MapsIndoors Content Management System using which facilities managers can manage buildings, rooms, points of interest, and routes. 

How much time does it take to integrate MapsIndoors into the application? 

The development of custom software including its integration with third-party services is individual in each case and depends on both business and technical requirements. We recommend you to get a consultation with our technical specialists. 

What development team do you need to integrate MapsIndoors into your application? 

The size of the development team needed for the integration depends on the specificity of your product. To integrate MapsIndoors into the mobile app, you need an Android and/or iOS developer, as well as a backend developer. In case your product has a web version, the engagement of the frontend developer is also required. Contact us to find out precisely about the development team. 

Step-by-step MapsIndoors integration 

Here our development team will provide you with the instruction on how to integrate MapsIndoors into your solution  

1. Create Locations in MapsIndoors CMS

In the MapsIndoors CMS, you can create different types of locations: buildings, areas, etc. You can configure floors, rooms location, borders, access of different users. All configurations will be shown on the map in the cms and mobile apps.

2. Create an API key

In the CMS -> App Settings -> API keys, you can create an API key, which will be used for authentication on the server-side. Here you can find MapsIdnoors integration API. 

3. Set and check geo coordinates

We need these coordinates to correctly show the position of a location on the map. In case, if latitude and longitude are dynamic, we should check that account related to the set API key has a location object on this geocode.

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4. Set and check location ID to locations in your system

This step allows extending third-party location info with data from our system. We can show is this room is available for booking now, its capacity and booking price. For this, we need to match locations from two systems: our and Indoor Maps.

It can be implemented by adding a param in our location, which should contain location ID from Indoor Maps. In case, if this param can be set dynamically, we should check that this ID is unique and related to our API key.

5. Set and check user role ID to roles in your system

It is very similar to the previous step. We need it to limit the access of users in our app to locations on the map. We also should match user roles from two systems: our and Indoor Maps. And, the same approach with Indoor Maps user role ID, can be used here.


We at Axon believe MapsIndoors is about integrating everything you need into one map. So this can be a great tool for your real estate software. Don’t hesitate to create new solutions to satisfy the needs of your customers!

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