IT Outsourcing in Ukraine

IT Outsourcing
in Ukraine


Why do companies outsource?

Nowadays it’s a common practice for businesses to outsource software development projects to external vendors.

Delegation has become an integral part of how big companies around the world have realized their operational strategies in order to achieve business goals. Software outsourcing undoubtedly is at the top of this list.

The reasons for this are cutting labor costs, salaries for the personnel, overhead, equipment, and technologies.

Most countries where the demand for software outsourcing is particularly high, possess a powerful enough capacity to retain experienced and highly-skilled professionals able to compete with software developers comparable to countries like the USA or Canada.

Why outsource to Ukraine?

The brightest example of these countries is Ukraine. Currently, Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies are continuing to grow year by year which have long been known on the international market due to demand. If you’re asking yourself “Why outsource to Ukraine?”, here are several reasons to answer this question better than anything:

Business approach in software development

Another distinctive feature of IT outsourcing to Ukraine is the wide use of business approaches in software development.

For example, at Axon, a team of Business Analysts assists our clients to find suitable business solutions during the Project Discovery Phase.

As a result, code isn’t the only thing you get, you receive a fully functional product ready to solve the problem of your target audience.

Business Analysis Services

Software development costs in Ukraine

The costs associated with Ukrainian IT outsourcing services are one of the most competitive in Eastern Europe. An average hourly rate for software development there varies between $25 and $50 per hour.

For comparison, hourly rates in Central and Western Europe can be as high as $70 and $90 per hour.

So hiring software developers in Ukraine is a viable option not only because of the qualitative services but also as a cost-effective option.

Software Development Costs

Quality of software development services

Everyone that has cooperated with an offshore development team from Ukraine has been convinced of the proficiency of their software engineers.

Approximately more than 30,000 software developers graduate from the Ukrainian universities annually with degrees in IT or related fields.

This allows Ukranian software development companies to hire candidates with a strong educational background. Additionally, many IT companies have organized their internal educational courses for job seekers.

Convenient time zone

Constant communication is key to successful collaboration with an offshore development team. By choosing a software development company in Ukraine it would be easier as Ukraine is only 1 hour ahead of most European countries.

With a well-organized outsourcing software developer, you won’t even feel the impact of a third-party team participating in the development of your product.

Cultural and language compatibility

The times of associating Ukraine with the Soviet system are in the past. Nowadays, Ukrainian businesses have demonstrated international standards of work ethics recognized on the global level, especially as it relates to the IT field.

Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies are striving to create a corporate culture where developers can be open-minded and motivated to accept nonstandard challenges.

Ukraine has made it easier to build reliable cooperative partnerships with offshore development teams from Ukraine due to the ease of language compatibility, primarily English.

Most software developers at Ukrainian IT outsourcing companies are proficient in English on the Upper-Intermediate level.

Choose your ideal offshore development team

After deciding to outsource software development to Ukraine, you may face the choice of choosing the type of future development team you may want. Traditionally there are two types of the offshore development teams:

Dedicated team

Dedicated team model is suitable for big-scale projects. If you’re planning a long-term cooperative project with an offshore development team, for example for more than 1 year, choosing a dedicated team will be the most cost-effective option.

Additionally, the organization of a dedicated team will allow you to work with software developers that are engaged in the development of your solution exclusively.

Hire Dedicated Team

Extended team

Extended team model is your option if you're planning to hire software developers for short-term development commitments.

Extended teams are perfectly capable of current challenges related to your project. You can also hire software developers to augment your exciting development team.

Extend Your Team

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