Custom software

Developing your product by applying Agile methodology and innovative technologies.

Bespoke software solutions that make businesses brighter

Over the past 8 years, our engineers have been creating software products that strengthen companies around the globe. We believe that software solutions produced by Axon can help to find new keys to growth for every company we сollaborate with.

Our vast knowledge has propelled companies from the simplest of software solutions to more complex ecosystems, from a single platform to multiple platforms, from separate systems to integrated solutions, from idea to success of your custom software solutions.

The transparent software development process 

The most important value we promote in the collaboration with clients is transparency. Every stage of solution development is carried out with your oversight whether it’s a project discovery phase, designing and prototyping, software development, testing or deployment. 

You are always informed of how your project budget is utilized. On our end, we provide high-quality custom software development services by ensuring that your project runs smoothly with predictable costs and outcomes.

Full-cycle software development services

Extensive business analysis

By collaborating with Axon you get not just a clean code that works, but a ready-to-market software product. This is accomplished firstly by providing our Business Analysis services. Business Analysts will determine your project’s business objectives, desired outcomes, as well as assist you to visualize your ideas and translate them into technical requirements for software engineers.

Robust software solution architecture

Development of the custom  software begins with creating its architecture. This is the initial laying of groundwork for the future growth of your solution. Properly structured software architecture guarantees the simplicity of implementation and its interoperability with your existing applications.

We also take into consideration the current state of the industry, technology platform relevance, and risks associated with the selected technology.

Design thinking methodologies

We apply design thinking methodologies into the software development processes in order to better understand the end-users of the future product. Custom software development solutions created at Axon should be convenient and intuitively understood whether utilized on a PC, smartphone, tablet, or other devices.

High-standard Quality Assurance

Software quality is an unconditional standard of all development processes performed at Axon. Our QA Engineers apply both manual and automated testing techniques in order to ensure that we deliver ROI-effective custom software solutions to targeted end-users.

Custom software development solutions of various scales and complexities

We create software development solutions for private and public entities from different business domains:


Axon engineers developed customized software development solutions for clients at the forefront of service delivery in the healthcare industry

Marketing & Advertising

Tailored software development solutions for AdTech industry players - advertisers, publishers, service providers as well as intermediary platforms. Custom development solutions that make the marketing cycle effortless in every facet of your industry.


EdTech software development solutions which create a competitive advantage. No matter what your target audience may be, such as individuals, businesses or employees of your company.

Supply Chain

Custom supply chain management solutions for logistics and warehousing providers. We can also provide integrated development layers that allow for seamless communication between many different systems, programs, and processes.


We provide bespoke software development solutions for automotive dealerships, services stations, spare parts manufacturers, as well as spare parts retail distributors. We understand the needs of your end-users and produce custom software development solutions that are able to satisfy demand.

Finance & Banking

We create financial management solutions and banking software based on years of cooperation with clients that range from financial to the banking industries. Our custom software development solutions allow you to operate at the program, agency, stakeholder, citizen, and household levels effortlessly.

Biometric Security

Our specialization in the biometric security field is securing data, limiting access and providing ease of use through our software development solutions.

If you have ideas, we have solutions.

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