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Supply Chain Management Software

Axon has developed full-service software solutions for logistics and warehousing providers. Our services include the Retail, Automotive Logistics, Distribution and Warehouse Management areas. Axon guarantees its software solutions development by providing experienced designers and developers that suit your needs. This is accomplished by creating integrated layers that allow seamless communication between many different systems, programs, and processes.

Our clients include

Supply Chain and Logistics Companies
B2B Wholesale Providers
Case Management Agencies
Warehouse and Distribution Companies
Transit and Transportation Companies
Independent Adjusters

We have developed:

  • Customer Portals with real time-tracking
  • Scheduling orders for transportation
  • Fulfillment Management Solutions for work order and delivery flow
  • Software for Customer Service Automation
  • Enhanced productivity solutions utilizing seamless integration
  • Deep Integration Software for financial oversight at the operational level
  • Predictive marketing analysis and forecasting
  • Sales cycle tracking
  • Graphics Dashboard utilizing drill-down reports
Axon is a software development company based in Ukraine that creates customized supply chain management software (SCMS) for those in the industry, requiring solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity.  

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