Ed-Tech platform

About the client

Lectera is a cutting-edge educational platform. By learning with Lectera people can develop their skills in business, financial literacy, digital marketing and much more.

Business challenges

The client should create a unique product
The market for educational products is oversaturated with supply. Stiff competition is pushing new players to create an exclusive product able to bring real value to the end-user.
The end-user should study in a progressive way
Classical education takes a backseat. The further the market develops, the faster the acquired knowledge lose their relevance.
The development team should be flexible
Work in accordance with a static roadmap won’t achieve the client's targets. The creation of a product requires a fast reaction to the market’s changes and the adoption of the relevant decisions.


Lectera is represented by several sections among which are:

Education section
Affiliate program

On behalf of the client, our team has developed an educational part of the platform. Axon’s professionals have brought to life the following features and functionalities:

Courses and Magacources

All courses are located in the relevant category with the ability to filter them by subcategory, level, and price. Users can take tests and get homework within the course.
Megacourse is represented by a collection of the courses.

Сonstant updating of courses and ability to take courses in different languages

These features ensure the flexibility of the platform. They enable users to stay up-to-date with the latest updates on courses and to take each of the courses in languages best suited to their professional needs.

Content Managers

The roles of Content Manager and Senior Content Manager are provided for creating courses and filling them with information.
Content Manager fills the course with educational materials, Senior Content Manger makes a review of requested updates and publishes them on the platform.

Integration of video player

We have integrated and adapted the HLS video player into the platform. The functionality of the player is made in a high similarity with the functionality of YouTube.

Technology stack

Front-end: TypeScirpt, React, Redux
Back-end: Java 11, Spring, ActiveMQ, PostgreSQL, Docker, Amazon S3, Elasticsearch

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