About the client

Flashcards· is an educational start-up whose primary focus is to assist people that need to master large amounts of information quickly. The Flashcards· app uses physical flash card as a metaphorical basis that provides tools for effective collaboration between learners and teachers. The Flashcards· application can be applied to children, students, and adults.

Business challenges

Learning with flash-cards is a tactile and interactive experience that involves many different senses. The effectiveness of learning with paper flash cards has been verified by use, and there are a host of developers currently trying to build electronic flash cards. The challenge was for the design to be: 

  • Realistic and accessible
  • Highly customizable
  • The best-in-class flash card simulator for iOS

The client provided complete oversight of the project and creatively led the design process.


Axon, on behalf of the client, developed and implemented a solution that solved problems facing users of competing apps. The client's free app includes:

  • Downloading the free Flashcards app so that people can start on-boarding
  • Onboard instructions that are naturally made in the form of flashcards
  • After studying them, people can create personal flashcards
  • No user registration required
  • No limits on flash cards amount
  • Text, photo, and audio can be placed at any of the flash card’s side, in any combination, of any language

Expected results

  • Easy to use and intuitively understood user interface
  • Ability to create own perfectly looking flash cards using   templates
  • A simple way to learn and control the progress of  studying

Additional functionality was also required for creating, learning with flashcards and tracking the progress. Implementation of toggling Parental Gates allowed Axon to design a single app for both kids and students. It will reduce the costs of the app updates for future development.

Technology stack

IOS : Swift, CoreData, other core Apple’s frameworks.

  • Supporting Dynamic Type
  • The application has been developed in full accordance with iOS

Human Interface Guidelines and inheriting style of the iOS native apps such as Mail, Photos, etc.

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