Application for the recruitment management process.

About the client

Axterior is a recruitment SaaS platform that allows companies and individuals to source, manage and hire best talents with less time and efforts, grow their talent pools, and improve their ROI on recruitment.

Business challenges

We strive to hire the most talented minds and consistently demonstrate our work and our exemplary results to the clients.
Sometimes the process of seeking candidates can be quite difficult due to several factors such as:


After completing an extensive analysis of the problems related to the recruitment process and the current market situation, our team decided to develop SaaS platform, called “Axterior” to make it transparent and simple. 
The platform is presented in the form of a web application that provides recruiters the ability to carry out their duties without hindrances. Here are some features that have allowed us to solve the previously mentioned challenges:

Expected results

Technology stack

Front-end: JavaScript, React, Redux
Back-end: MongoDB, Java 8, Spring Boot, RabbitMQ, AWS, Docker

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