Technical Writer

Axon is looking for an experienced Technical Writer to join our team, which is building a solution for landlords and their tenants.
Company: Axon
Date Posted:
April 19, 2021
Employment type:
Job location: Kyiv Ukraine,
Kharkivs'ke Hwy, 175, 02000
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About the project

The client has its own solution for landlords and their tenants that is already functioning. The solution consists of a web platform and iOS/Android applications. By using these apps, tenants can send a wide range of requests to their landlords for household services, like electricians or plumbers.

To succeed in this role you should have a natural analytical way of thinking, technical background and proven skills in writing documentation.

Documentation is a crucial part of any product development. It ensures that project requirements are fulfilled and establishes traceability with respect to what has been done, who has done it and when it was done.

What you need for this position

  • Work experience as a technical writer or related field for at least 1-2 years;
  • Experience in writing technical documentation such as BRD, SRS, FRS;
  • Experience in writing User Guides;
  • Experience in working with Confluence and Jira;
  • Work experience within Agile and Waterfall methodologies;
  • Upper-Intermediate+ written and spoken English;
  • Excellent cross-functional communication skills, requiring close interaction with Product Owners, UX/UI Designers, QA, Developers, and non-technical Stakeholders;
  • Knowledge of IT industry, ability to quickly learn new domain terminology and concepts
  • Ability to understand complex business and system requirements;
  • Strong analytical skills and attention to details;
  • Firm understanding of development life cycle;
  • Self-motivated and ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

What you will be doing

As a technical writer you will be preparing a set of documents for two parties: 1) Development team, 2) End Users:

  • Set up technical documentation for existing and developing products from scratch
  • Communicate with development teams and stakeholders to identify information needs
  • Keep track of ongoing products development and keep the documentation up-to-date
  • Write API reference docs, architecture designs and diagrams etc.
  • Address the gaps in cross-teams products knowledge
  • Participate in requirements research and document new features and epics
  • Quickly grasp complex technical concepts and make them easily understandable in text and pictures
  • Document existing and new functionality by working with POs and Stakeholders throughout the development lifecycle, using development artifacts (User Stories, UML Use Cases and Activity Diagrams), and interviewing SMEs
  • Create detailed user documentation for use within the application such as operating instructions and User Guides
  • Ownership of product documentation, suggesting improvements and areas for expansion
  • Gather feedback on deliverables as revise as new issues arise
  • Review all customer-facing documentation to ensure it meets expected style and standards
  • Curate and manage the internal technical Wiki, advising teams on usage and content management.

What we can offer you

  • Competitive salary; 
  • Exciting projects involving the newest technologies; 
  • Challenging work in an international professional environment; 
  • Opportunities for professional growth (including free external and internal professional training courses and certifications);
  • Foreign languages learning compensation; 
  • Corporate/team/special events; 
  • Medical insurance or gym; 
  • Other Perks.

Meet the team

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What to expect at Axon

A Culture of Creative Driven Development

Our culture relies on your participation and involvement. For engineers, that means you are the cornerstone of our creative environment. It is a place to prosper, be recognized and contribute by addressing the challenges and reaching every goal set, using your creativity and valuable innovative ideas

Well organized processes

  • Work in an Agile environment by applying well-tailored Scrum methodology. 
  • Organize, Plan and Review your work in JIRA or other top-shelf tracking systems. No management without the appropriate tools. 
  • Project managers and business analysts will consistently ensure you have a detailed roadmap, sufficient information, well-defined requirements for future development.

A work of art, in every line of code

  • Apply the best engineering practices to everything you develop - After all, It’s your signature. 
  • Your voice will always be heard - Because necessity is the mother of invention and innovation is its father. 
  • Your code defines your unique contribution and this should be something to be proud of.

Small Steps and Giant Leaps

  • Axon is a dynamic and constantly evolving company - grow with us. 
  • We are all proud of the huge impact we have made with our small steps. 
  • Your contribution and creative solutions will live on in industries we work with.

Professional Evolution and Innovative Contribution

As a developer at Axon, shortage of opportunities will not be an issue in your path to professional growth. From the start, you'll have hands-on onboarding and training to get acquainted with our new technologies stack. Weekly Meetups and Tech Talks will provide a solid education background for your professional development. Axon’s workspace is flexible, and our environment reflects a culture where our best work is created at its source.
Join Axon`s meetups, where you learn new ideas and share your own experience.
Axon University
Axon university allows you to stay ahead of technologies, get sharp, and improve your skills.
In Axon, there is always someone who will guide you through challenging days and show you the right direction.

Behind the scenes

5 stage recruitment process

As a developer at Axon, you have no shortage of opportunities to grow. From day one, you'll have hands-on onboarding and training to get savvy with our stack and new technologies.
As a developer at Axon, you have no shortage of opportunities to grow. From day one, you'll have hands-on onboarding and training to get savvy with our stack and new technologies.

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